The blonde haired singer whose songs like “I Want Candy” used to blare through our boom boxes is not a little boy anymore. Aaron Carter is now a 29-year-old man who’s had his fair share of difficulties during his transition from child star to adult celebrity. The singer is appearing on an upcoming episode of The Doctors where he’s agreed to take a drug test. And now fans are wondering what went so wrong that he subjected himself to being drug tested on national TV?

Aaron tested negative for cocaine and meth but did test positive for prescription pills. Doctor Travis Stork explained that the combination of drugs he tested positive for wasn’t necessarily safe. And, from what Aaron revealed on the show it seems like he does want to make a change. Watch the video below to find out more about the drug testing.

Sadly, the singer knows exactly what the results of a lethal drug combination can do to a person. He lost his sister Leslie in 2012 to an overdose from a combination of prescription medications and does not want to end up like her. “I find myself getting them off of the streets, just to get them,” he admitted. “I didn’t realize I was 115 pounds. That is terrible. I wasn’t looking at myself in the mirror because I didn’t like the way I looked.”

He was later asked if he’s afraid of facing the same devastating fate that his sister faced and he revealed that it does scare him. However, he wants to take the necessary steps to get healthy.

aaron carter sister leslie

Aaron with his late sister, Leslie. (Photo Credit: Getty Imaes)

“There’s always that worry, but there’s also the fact that I had to kiss my sister goodbye in the coffin. I had to kiss her right on her cheek and I kept kissing her,” he continued. “And that was a scary thing. My family knows, before I did the show The Doctors, they knew that I was taking Xanax and stuff like that and that I was going to actual psychiatrists to do that. I know that there is no happy ending to any of those medications.”

He added, “My greatest fear — not being able to live as long as I can.” We hope this means he’ll get the help he needs.

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