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Q&A: Brandi Glanville
Talks Love,
Co-Parenting and More
With ‘In Touch’


In Touch Weekly caught up with Brandi Glanville, who opened up on everything—from love, co-parenting, when to introduce a new man to your kids, teaching her kids humility and more!

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Since it's an event all about getting married, what are your thoughts on getting married again?

I don't plan on getting married again, but I do welcome meeting the man that will make me change my mind about that

Do you think Mr. Right is still out there?

I do believe Mr. Right exists, 100 percent.

Did you have a bachelorette party? How wild did it get?

I did have a bachelorette party and I just found the pictures from it in my room. It was pretty fun me and my gals got a limo and went dancing at clubs in LA and ended our night at IHOP on Sunset Blvd.

How do you balance being a mom and a woman who dates?

I only go on dates when the boys are at their dad's house.

Brandi, Mason and Jake

How do you decide when to introduce a man to your kids?

That's a great question, and the truth is over the past five years I haven't introduced them to anyone as a boyfriend. It hasn't been in love yet and I don't want to confuse them.

Although they both now would love for me to have a boyfriend so they could wrestle with somebody because they are getting too big and too strong to be wrestling with me anymore! When it's true love. It hasn't been yet.

What is the biggest lesson you hope to teach your kids?

The biggest lesson I hope to teach my kids a little humbleness and appreciation.

My kids live quite the fancy life and it scares me sometimes that the bar has been set so high for birthdays, vacations, VIP moments, etc., that they might start to expect those types of blessing and not know to appreciate them and to appreciate just how lucky they are.

I'd also like to teach them that that hard work goes a long way, and the words "Please" and "Thank You" should always be said.

What's the hardest part about co-parenting?

The hardest thing I find about co-parenting is having two households with two different sets of rules. I believe that kids need consistency and two households with different rules can make that difficult.