10 Things You Don't Know About The X Factor's Emblem3

X factor emblem3

They may not have won The X Factor, but the boys from Emblem3 are doing more than okay when it comes to their post-show success.

California natives Drew Chadwick, 20, Wesley Stromberg, 19, and Keaton Stromberg, 16— the musical trip who make up the band— recently released a new single, Chloe (You’re the One That I Want) and kicked off their Goin’ Back to Cali Tour on April 12.

In Touch had a chance to chat with the laid back boys, who let us in on some secrets.

Check out 10 fun facts you may not know about Emblem3:

10)    What’s In a Name?
The band was originally called American Scholars when they started in sixth grade. “We would hang out in [Wesley's] basement, eat granola bars and write punk songs that were super dark and emo and awesome,” Drew shares. “We just played around Seattle area, and we were super little dudes with long hair. Keaton was like, nine. His hair was literally down passed his shoulders.”

9)    Too Cool For School
The boys were some of the “popular” kids in school— but Drew and Wes were actually former enemies! “It was like, dude, who's that other cool kid at the school? Why is there another one? It's not supposed to be that way,” Wes says. “Then we ended up joining forces in sixth grade and it was awesome.”

8)    The Man Behind the Band
Wesley came up with the name Emblem3. “We had a whiteboard in our room and we listed down everything you need to make it in the business,” they explain. “We said, ‘You're going to be a brand. You're going to be a logo for a company and representing all these things like an emblem.’ And Wesley goes, ‘Emblem!’ Boom.”

7)    Musical Muses
Keaton finds inspiration from the music of Sublime, while Wesley says his muses are “[The Red Hot] Chili Peppers, Blink182, Green Day, and SUM41.” As for Drew? “Rise Against is my favorite band. We like punk.”

6)    Single and Ready to Mingle
Heads up, ladies: all three boys are flyin’ solo. “We're single,” Drew says of the trio. “It sucks!” Would they ever date their fans? The boys say they absolutely would.

5)    Luck Be a Lady
What do they look for in a girl? “Confidence, substance and security. I want a girl who believes in herself," Drew says. “She's gotta be beautiful on the inside and the outside.” Wes adds.

4)    On the Road
While on tour, Wesley brings a journal and Keaton brings his laptop. “I make beats on the road,” he explains. As for Drew, books and a guitar are his must-haves. And, of course, skateboards!

3)    They’re Directioners
“I think they are rad dudes,” Wes says of the One Direction guys. “I wish that we could hang out.” Drew adds: “They seem just like awesome dudes.”

2)    No Quitters Allowed!
Say it ain’t so! Keaton originally quit the band. “I told them that they sucked, and I walked out two songs into it,” he says. “I walked out of the show.” Thankfully, it was short-lived.

1)    Takin’ a Tumble
All three of the guys are addicted to Tumblr! Keaton admits it helps them pass the time while they’re on the road.

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