She’s had her fair share of drama before, like that arrest back in February, but in a recent interview, social media star Woah Vicky, aka Victoria Waldrip, is ready to stir up some more. While chatting with The Tomorrow Show, she spilled the beans on her (lack of) relationship with Bhad Bhabie, aka Danielle Bregoli, and her (potential future) relationship with Tyga. Apparently, she’s down with both of them — but not exactly sure whether either will ever be down with her. And when it comes to Bhad Bhabie, she blames it all on jealousy.

When talking about their past fight, Woah Vicky spilled, “[Bhad Bhabie was] genuinely mad, yeah.” As for the rest of it, well, it may not have been as real as it seemed. “You could tell I wasn’t mad doe. I was smilin’.” But there was also another reason why she couldn’t get too involved in any physical fight. “I couldn’t fight her anyways ‘cuz I had just turned 18,” the star continued. “And, we was in a public place… They say she hit me. She ain’t hit me doe. She just pulled my hair a ‘lil bit…She ain’t do nothing though. But, I’m just sayin’.”

And the other thing she’s saying is that all that tension is rooted in jealousy. According to Woah Vicky, she’d be down to be friends with her fellow rapper one day — but she’s just not so sure if the feeling is mutual. “I don’t know if she would want to be [friends],” the teen said. “I think she might be a little jealous…She likes being the center of attention… She would never admit dat doe.”

As for Tyga, well, she’s similarly doubtful. But she still seems kind of hopeful that something could happen. “He cool. I really don’t like be paying, keeping up with him like that. I don’t like keep up with him like that,” she admitted. “I mean it could happen, if he down.” Of course, the age difference might be a factor — Woah Vicky is only 18 and Tyga is 29 — but that didn’t seem to bother him when he started a relationship with Kylie Jenner, who he allegedly first started seeing when she was still just 17.

She admits that if they had a relationship, it’d be “probably just fake” for show, but she’s still absolutely down if he is. “Oh yeah, I’m going,” she said when hosts asked her what she’d say if he asked her out. “Maybe we could go like ice skating or bowling or go kart racing, something like that.” So what do you think, Tyga? Are you free?

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