The finale of The Traitors on Thursday, March 7, revealed who won season 2 after the final round table. At the beginning of the episode, there was one traitor – Kate Chastain – and five faithfuls – Chris “CT” Tamburello, Trishelle Cannatella, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Mercedes “MJ” Javid and Shereé Whitfield – left.

With MJ, 51, having a shield and suspicion already cast on Sandra, 49, Kate, 41, was between Trishelle, 44, and Shereé, 54, when deciding who she wanted to murder. She ended up choosing Shereé to send home ahead of the final challenge. Kate said she made the decision to take suspicion off herself because Shereé is a fellow Bravo star and it was expected that they were working together.

Ahead of the final challenge, Sandra was convinced that Kate was the last remaining traitor, while MJ thought it was Sandra. Kate played into the Sandra theory and tried to push the votes that way. This left Trishelle and CT, 43, in the middle with the deciding votes.

The final five completed the last mission and earned $50,000 more in their prize pot, bringing the total to $208,100. Before the round table, Kate pit CT and Sandra against each other by telling them each that they were planning to vote for each other. Earlier, Trishelle and CT had decided to vote for Kate, but his change of heart to target Sandra left his ally confused.

Kate and MJ voted for Sandra and the two-time Survivor winner voted for Kate. With the deciding vote, Trishelle voted for Sandra to “be with the majority vote.” CT also voted for Sandra, which meant she was banished.

At the fire of truth, the players had to decide if they unanimously wanted to end the game. If everyone left was a faithful, they would split the money, but if there was a traitor left, the traitor would take it all. If the vote to continue wasn’t unanimous, the group would get to banish somebody else.

Kate voted to end the game, while Trishelle, CT and MJ decided it was time to banish again. The group then had to vote again, with Kate choosing Trishelle and everyone else voting for Kate. The Below Deck star was banished, leaving three faithfuls in the game.

After Kate’s elimination, the final three had to decide whether they wanted to end the game or banish again. This time, MJ voted to end the game, but CT and Trishelle chose to banish once more. The Challenge stars had been aligned since the beginning. While MJ voted for Trishelle and CT voted for MJ, Trishelle shocked her closest ally by voting for CT. She said she began to doubt CT because he briefly changed his mind about wanting to vote Kate out earlier in the night. She also brought up how CT saved John over her earlier in the season.

Since the final vote was a draw, all three cast members got to plead their case and vote again. On the revote, CT cast another vote for MJ and MJ kept her vote for Trishelle. This time, Trishelle switched her vote to the Bravo star, which meant MJ was banished.

Longtime friends Trishelle and CT won season 2 of The Traitors and split the final prize pot.

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