Rap battle: Catwoman vs. Black Swan! When Anne Hathaway recently rapped on Conan, her skills invited comparisons with Natalie Portman's profanity-laced performance on Saturday Night Live in 2008. While neither Anne nor Natalie should quit their day jobs, which starlet has better skills? In Touch had one of our favorite rising rappers, Nikki Lynette (nikkilynette.com), play Rhymin' Cowell and decide whether the actresses were macktresses or wacktresses.

Anne Hathaway


Sample lyrics:

"Yo, I'm a paparazzi, I don't pay no Yahtzee, I go pop-pop-pop-pop/my cameras up your crotch-see."

Nikki says:
"I was a bit biased as I listened to this because if I ever decided to have an 'I Kissed a Girl' moment it would totally be with Anne Hathaway (or Jessica Biel, I'm not picky). Her career as a gangsta rapper might not go so well until she toughens up a bit, that 'Cute As a Button' swag isn't gonna cut it. The funniest part about this is that Anne considers this to be 'In the style of Lil Wayne.' This video makes me wonder if Anne has ever heard a Lil Wayne song. And if she has… maybe the volume was turned down really low? However, her lyrics were passionate and from the heart, and now we all know that no celebrity's crotch is safe as long as the paparazzi are free to roam the streets."

Natalie Portman:


Sample lyrics:

"Don't test when i'm crazy on that airplane glue/put my foot down your throat/till you s**t in my shoe."

Nikki says:

"Natalie chose to rap about the finer things in life, such as not being a role model. The video was bad ass, because SNL rocks. While Natalie definitely earned some street cred with this, aside from her mind-blowing lyrical content, I was not the biggest fan of her style of rap. To be honest, it seems like she was trying to sound like 'Feminem' but ended up sounding more like 'Nata Flocka Flame.' That's never a good thing!"

Nikki's Verdict:

"I'd have to say MC Anne Hathaway is a better rapper, because she performed her verse live and had better lyrical content. As far as famous rapping white girls go, I'd give them both two thumbs up. If they ever wanna step their rap skills up, I can teach them… but I'd have to charge."

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