We, of course, all know and love the main stars of the Teen Mom franchise, and while the moms and dads get most of the screen time, the step parents do a lot of work in the background! And it’s for that reason that some fans have been wondering: Who is Vee Torres on Teen Mom 2? Well, we’ve compiled a guide for you to get to know the MTV star a little better:

She’s engaged to Jo Rivera

Back in April of 2016, Kailyn Lowry’s baby daddy Jo popped the question to Vee. They're totally adorable together and they're one of the fan-favorite couples on Teen Mom 2. In a sneak peak for Being Vee, Vee opened up to her mother, Lillian, about her upcoming nuptials. “How do you feel about getting married?,” Vee’s mother asked before she replied, “I’m excited. I’m nervous though, I’m scared to!” She continued, “Marriage makes anyone nervous. It’s not about like getting married, it’s about the actual day, like how’s everything is going to go. I don’t know, I just want everything to be perfect.”

She's a mom

Back in October of 2015, she and Jo welcomed daughter Velisse, who they’ve nicknamed Vivi. The beautiful little girl is growing up right before our eyes on TV, and Jo’s other child, Isaac, clearly loves being a big brother to his little sis. They’ve really made a great blended family, and the audience just can’t get enough!

She’s a beauty blogger

Besides just appearing on TV, Vee has her own YouTube channel, an Instagram dedicated to her beauty routine, and a blog called Veautify Me. And while her fame comes from MTV, she wants her tutorials to be a makeup-only zone, not having to do with anything else.

“I just want my videos to strictly be makeup,” she said to her subscribers. “I don’t want to hear about anything else going on in the world. I don’t care — I mean I care, but right now, I just care about makeup when I do my videos. That’s all I wanna hear about, that’s all I wanna think about. This is the time when I’m in my zone.”


"Vee" is a nickname

The mother-of-one’s full name is actually Vetzabe. While we only hear her referred to as “Vee” on the show, she actually has a much longer, and very pretty name!

She was sued by a college

In 2013, a court case was opened against Vetzabe for falling behind on payment at Bloomfield College. According to court papers obtained by RadarOnline, Bloomfield College sued her for $2,585.33, claiming that she owed on a defunct book account.

She appeared in Jo's music video

Yes — he has a music video. The song, titled "Unthinkable" is well, unthinkable. Vee makes an appearance in it, but since she's an aspiring model, it makes sense.

She’s been at the center of some drama with Kailyn

Just recently, Vee looked like she previously threw some shade at her man’s baby mama on Twitter. She wrote: “People having babies with people they truly don't know. You don't know that person's spirit and you had a child with them… that's shaky,” which would appear to be a blow at Kail who is pregnant with her third child with a third baby daddy.

However, Kailyn recently set the record straight on their feud and told In Touch exclusively, "I think we just hit a rough patch and both kind of weren't in a good place at the time, so I don't think either of us had good things to say about each other. But we had a private conversation and things are great and we're getting along."

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