When Teen Mum, MTV’s British counterpart of the Teen Mom franchises, premiered this summer in America, one cast member stood out among the rest. That’s right, we’re talking about Megan Salmon-Ferrari.

The feisty 19-year-old redhead — who hails from Essex County, England — stole our hearts with her witty one-liners and enormous love for being a mom. In case you’re unfamiliar with Megan, In Touch rounded up a few facts you need to know about the U.K. reality star.

She has two kids — and loves every minute of motherhood.

Megan welcomed her first child, a son named McKenzie, 20 months, with on-and-off fiancé Dylan Siggers when she was 17. In April, the pair welcomed their second baby, a little girl named Dulcie-Mae.

Megan recently revealed that she believes she was always meant to be a young mother. “I had Mckenzie when I was 17 years old and it was the right time for me,” she told The Sun in July. “I just felt like something was missing. Dulcie-Mae was also planned. My sister says I took to being a mum like a duck to water. I’m very domesticated.”

She and Dylan are working hard to make their relationship work.

Despite their rocky romance — and several breakups — Megan and Dylan are trying their best to make it work for the sake of their family. Megs told The Sun that she had previously called it quits with Dylan because of his partying habit.

“We broke up because sometimes he wouldn’t come home from work and he’d get back about 5am. I didn’t feel resentful, but I did think: ‘I’m raising your child and cooking your dinner and you don’t even bother to come home to us,’” she explained. “I’d had enough of sitting in on my own.”

However, Megan insisted that Dylan has “changed” and now the couple is “back together” and even “living together” again. “He’s stopped going out as much and spends more time with the family,” she said. “So now we’re back on track.”

But Megan’s family have yet to forgive Dylan.

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Dylan may be back in Megan’s good graces, but her family is still salty about his bad boy past. “Dylan was there at Dulcie-Mae’s birth and so were my family,” Megan said. “They were fine, but they’re not talking at the minute.”

She’s a business owner!

When Megan’s not changing diapers, she’s working hard on her two businesses. “One is a handmade craft business and one’s a pearl-popping business where I open oysters and get pearls out, which are then mounted on to jewelry,” she told The Sun. “I’ll always have my own business. I don’t like working for other people. I prefer to build my own dreams rather than help someone else build theirs.”

She loves her fans.

Since appearing on Teen Mum, which first premiered overseas in November 2016, Megan is frequently approached by fans in public — and she’s always happy to strike up a conversation with them. “I’ve had people come up to me and ask for pictures. I have a chat with them, which is nice,” she has said.

And she shares a special bond with her co-stars.

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No feuds here! Megan says she gets along great with her Teen Mum castmates, specifically Amber Butler, Chloe Patton, and Mia Boardman. “We have a group chat that we’re all on and we talk to each other nearly every day,” she has previously gushed. “If one of us has a problem, we’ll all be there reassuring them.”

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