The question on everyone’s mind is “Who is ‘Gorgeous’ about?” Seriously, Taylor Swift, if you’re reading this, we want answers. In the rare chance that you’re not reading this (LOL who are we kidding), Swifties have gathered on the internet to piece all the seemingly innocent clues together in order to prove that this song is about (wait for it) her new British boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

Open up Spotify, iTunes, YouTube… whatever. Blast Tay’s latest single and sit back while we prove that Taylor’s new era won’t just include epic music, but also a beautiful love story. Keep scrolling to learn more about who “Gorgeous” is about!

The opening line.

Right after the unknown baby (reveal yourself!) says “gow-gus,” Taylor jumps into sone of her most adult lyrics yet: “You should take it as a compliment that I got drunk and made fun of the way you talk.” Why would she make of the way a guy talked unless he has an accent? Joe was born in London and definitely has an accident. And to a tipsy Taylor, that might be alluring as hell.

Joe has blue eyes.

Taylor loves talking about men’s dreamy eyes. She has over five songs that mention eye color — just listen to “State of Grace” or “Sparks Fly” — so this line isn’t surprising. “Ocean blue eyes looking in mine / I feel like I might sink, and drown, and die.” The guy in the song has blue eyes. Joe has blue eyes. This really isn’t rocket science, people.

joe alwyn getty

Joe is 26 years old.

He’s just one year younger than Taylor. And in the song she admits, “I got a boyfriend / He’s older than us / He’s in the club doing I don’t know what.” Aside from the fact that she was not single when she first meets this stunner, we know that he’s younger than her then-boyfriend.

Okay, but which then-boyfriend is she singing about. There are only two possibilities: Calvin Harris or Tom Hiddleston. Calvin is 33 years old, while Tom is 36 years old. That means that this song cannot be about Tom (unless Taylor included this line to throw us off, but let’s please not go there). Plus, Calvin is a DJ so it’s literally his job to be in clubs. What more proof do you need?

In case you need more proof.

Okay, we’ve already given numerous reasons why this song is about Joe. But, Taylor holds “Secret Sessions” where she invites chosen Swifites (did our invite get lost in the mail???) to listen to her new album. And apparently, she told them that this song is about her beau.

So, there it is. From the mouths of literal babes. “Gorgeous” by Taylor Swift is about Joe Alwyn. And, you can quote us on that.

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