The HBO documentary Love Has Won, which was released on November 13, 2023, tells the shocking true story of how an ordinary woman, Amy Carlson, from Oregon came to be known as “Mother God” and the leader of a group of cult followers who believed she was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

In the wake of the film’s release, viewers are wondering where Avigail Lowes, one of the religious group’s longest-standing members, is now.

Where Is Avigail Lowes Now?

​Avigail Lowes currently lives in Colorado and works as a “healer,” according to an end card in the last few moments of the documentary.

How Did Avigail Lowes Get Involved With Love Has Won?

Like her fellow Love Has Won members, Avigail’s involvement in the group stemmed from her unwavering belief that Amy was, in fact, God. The controversial religious group was convinced that Amy was a 19-billion-year-old being who was put on Earth to take on the pain of everyone in the world — which led her body to deteriorate, and, eventually, caused her death.

What Has Avigail Lowes Said About Amy Carlson’s Powers?

Avigail remembered being told that Amy was “talking to angels” by the time she was five years old, and claimed Amy’s parents sought “insight and advice from pastors” about their child’s spiritual abilities in a November 2021 interview with Rolling Stone.

The former cult member described a time when Amy lost her temper at church as a child, suggesting Amy was steadfast in her beliefs from a young age. “The pastor said something that she knew was a lie, since she was Jesus, and she yelled ‘You’re lying!’ and had to be removed from church,” Avigail told the outlet. Amy’s family denied the story.

What Has Avigail Said About Amy Carlson’s Illness and Death?

Avigail, like other former group members, believes that Amy’s death was really her “achieving physical ascension,” thus completing her Earthly duties as “Mother God.” She also believes that evil forces caused Amy’s illness.

During an August 2018 livestream from the group’s former shared home, Avigail told their virtual audience that “dark witches” had tried to kill Amy by “slicing one of her hearts” with a sword, as recounted in Rolling Stone. “The etheric have been doing surgery on it for many hours now and Mom is throwing up, diarrhea, she was shaking,” Avigail explained to her devoted audience at the time.

During her 2021 interview with the outlet, which was published seven months after Amy’s death, Avigail said she was looking forward to seeing the results of her autopsy, as she believed it would reveal “inexplicable phenomena that have never been scientifically documented.”

A coroner’s report would later confirm Amy died of “alcohol abuse, anorexia, and colloidal silver ingestion.”

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