Former 90 Day Fiancé star Mohamed Jbali has said goodbye to his apartment in Austin, Texas, and is currently calling Indianapolis, Indiana, his new home!

In a June 2020 Instagram post, he wrote in the caption of the snap of himself, “Memories of good days, Austin Texas, miss it.”

As of 2022, on his Instagram account, Mohamed lists his address at a UPS store in Indianapolis, and according to public records viewed by In Touch, he resides less than a block away. He is also listed as a former resident of his old Austin apartment.

One year after divorced his wife Danielle Jbali (née Mullins), the trucker gave fans an update from his then-new hometown of Austin.

“I have been disappeared because I am taking care of some stuff, fixing things in my life,” Mohamed said in the Instagram video. “I’m doing great, making some progress. Everything is working for me. I’m happy at this point.” He also revealed he has been working out and had lost a few pounds. “Done losing weight —10 pounds in 3 weeks,” he captioned a gym selfie. “Now time to boost muscles on a clean body. Wish me luck.”

There’s no question that the couple’s two-and-a-half-year marriage was a messy one. After tying the knot in July 2014, Mohamed called the police on his then-wife for opening a DirecTV account in his name, destroying his clothes and stealing money from him. Danielle also accused Mohamed of cheating on her with various women, including blonde bombshell Luisa Berry. “He said he was going to Florida, but then posted photos from South Carolina to see Luisa,” Danielle told Radar at the time. “Why wouldn’t you take your wife with you? This was while we were married and he was living with me.”

However, since then, the two have made amends as friends and even had a discussion to bury the hatchet on discovery+’s spinoff 90 Day: The Single Life in March 2021.

Meeting up at a local diner, Danielle told Mohamed that she felt she deserved an apology from him. While Mohamed insisted Danielle also made mistakes in their marriage, he said he was sorry for leaving her when she was at her lowest.

While Mohamed claimed he just wanted to make “peace” with her, Danielle was reticent to accept his intentions, explaining to him that he’s only ever contacted her in the past to ask something of her.

Mohamed responded, “I don’t need you for anything. I have nothing to gain from this, just saying, ‘Hi’ and ‘Bye,’ and maybe we can be friends. And don’t even think in the future that I’m going to need you for anything for the immigration, OK? It’s between me and the government, that’s it.”

Despite their divorce, she is still linked to him because of the K-1 visa, in which she agreed she would be financially responsible for Mohamed for his first 10 years in the U.S. if he ever needed help with finances. However, with his job as a truck driver, she said she wasn’t concerned about him needing her financial support.

At the end of their meet-up, Mohamed said he hoped to see Danielle again soon. “I feel like that went good,” Danielle admitted in a confessional. “There was no fighting. I felt like he was listening to me for once.”

Mohamed also expressed a similar sentiment about seeing her again. “Now it’s a good chance for me and her to be friends and get over this stupid drama that we’ve been living for many years,” he said in a confessional of his own. “Especially now, she’s not the same person going after me, trying to force me into a relationship. So I think, yeah, it’s OK.”

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