Get ready, because 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After is returning on Sunday, June 25 and so is the couple everyone loves to hate — Jorge Nava and Anfisa Arkhipchenko!

The California native and his Russian beauty are continuing to share their story on Season 2 of TLC's hit series — and just like the other couples on the show, they're bringing their fair share of drama. We rounded up everything you need to know about the couple, including updates on their lives now before the season premiere.

Keep reading below to learn more about Jorge and Anfisa.

How did Jorge and Anfisa meet?

According to their TLC casting tape, Jorge and Anfisa met on Facebook. Jorge said that he had a lot of Russian friends and he found his future wife through mutual friends. For him, it was love at first “like” — but that wasn’t the case for Anfisa.

“He was liking my pictures, he was messaging me,” the 21-year-old told the cameras. “First, it was annoying. I didn’t pay much attention because I get quite a lot of messages like that. I think he told me that he loved me like in a week after we started talking online.”

What does Jorge from 90 Day Fiancé do?

He has been somewhat secretive about the exact details of his job, but he previously revealed that he makes a lot of money as a medical marijuana entrepreneur.

What is Jorge’s last name?

The 26-year-old may be hiding his last name for legal reasons and he’s gone by the full name Jorge Nava in the past — and Anfisa changed her last name on Facebook from her maiden name (Arkhipchenko) to Nava. But in a recently created Facebook page, Jorge uses the last name Garcia.

Did Jorge and Anfisa get married?

Yes! Anfisa confirmed that they did tie the knot in a teaser clip for the upcoming season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, and a recent post on Jorge’s Facebook page shows that instead of wearing a traditional wedding band on the ring finger of his left hand, he opted for a more permanent way to show his love — by getting his wife’s name tattooed on his finger. But even though they actually made it down the aisle, married life has been far from perfect, and in an extended first look at the upcoming season, Jorge complained about Anfisa. “One minute she’s happy, one minute she’s mad,” he told the cameras.

Are Jorge and Anfisa still together?

The answer to this question seems murky. Judging from Jorge and Anfisa’s social media accounts, the couple is very much still together. The last time Anfisa posted a selfie with Jorge was back in April, and Jorge shared a selfie of the couple on Facebook last week.

But according to podcaster Stevie Ryan, Jorge and Anfisa has split. In a series of tweets, Stevie decided to spill the tea about their relationship after she ordered weed from him and he never delivered it to her.

“Got all the Anfisa gossip from Jorge before he made me wait [seven] hours to get some weed he never came through with,” Stevie wrote, and shared a photo of her looking cozy with Jorge. “They broke up & she's working as a stripper now. Still taking all his money [though]."

She also claimed that Jorge told her that he didn’t meet Anfisa on Facebook, but that he actually met her on a website she used to work for as a web cam girl, and she also seemingly confirmed that they did get married because she claims that Anfisa has her Green Card now.

“She's a gold digger and he lied about being rich,” Stevie continued. “He grows [weed] but lives at home [and] pays all the bills for Anfisa's apartment. He said she started treating him differently after he bought her boobs & a nose job. DUH HOMIE! He's also paying for her new chin she's getting Friday.”

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