When we found out that Farrah Abraham has a one million dollar net worth, we were honestly pretty shocked. And according to some sources, Farrah’s net worth might be even higher. So how does she make all that money — especially when the other Teen Mom girls are worth way less?

The TV

Well, there’s her regular MTV gig, obviously. Farrah first appeared on 16 and Pregnant, and she’s starred in Teen Mom since 2009. IMDB lists her as appearing in 63 different episodes — and she allegedly makes over $30,000 per episode these days (that’s a lot of cash!). That alone would have the single mom rolling in the dough — but those aren’t her only TV appearances. Farrah has also been on Couples Therapy (by herself, no less), Celebrity Big Brother (where contestants have been paid appearance fees in the thousands and hundred thousands), and even an episode of Million Dollar Matchmaker.

The Movies

And, of course, Farrah also has done some acting work. She’s set to star in two horror movies this year — Adam K and Axeman 2: Overkill. Undoubtedly those movies will come with a nice paycheck for the star, too. But it’s her “acting” work in her adult movies that really rakes in the cash. Farrah has a couple of sex tapes with porn star James Deen called Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom and Farrah 2: Backdoor and More. She allegedly made a cool $1.5 million off her first sex tape — and continued to earn about $60,000 a month in royalties as of 2013. We can’t even imagine what kind of deal she got for the sequel. It’s been reported that her two sex tapes brought in three million dollars total.

The Books

In 2012, Farrah released My Teenage Dream Ended through MTV Press, and it hit #11 on The New York Times bestseller list for e-book nonfiction. On top of that, it also allegedly scored her another million dollars, both from promotional appearances and sales themselves. It didn’t hurt that she paired the book with a soundtrack which no doubt brought in some sales of its own. She also wrote the children’s book Passy Perfume and the three-book erotic novel series Celebrity Sex Tape: In The Making.

The Toys

Then there are the sex toys, which you can find on Farrah’s website. Not only does she offer toys based off molds of her body, she also hawks slightly more “traditional” ones like vibrators that don’t, uh, look like her lady parts. Just in case you want to support her without having to get intimate with her.

The Stores

If you’ve watched Teen Mom, you know Farrah also has her own frozen yogurt store, Froco Fresh Frozen. In addition to that, she started a children’s clothing and toy store with her daughter Sophia — and though Sophie supposedly runs the show, we’re sure Farrah’s pretty involved, too. On top of that, she even has a third store — Furnished By Farrah — where fans can find interior design inspo or pick up some furniture.

The Sponsorships

Back in 2014, Farrah was also the “celebrity house feature” at an Austin, TX strip club. The deal scored her a whopping $544,000 — and cost curious fans $500 for just ten minutes. And then there are her regular club and party appearances, too, as well as other endorsement deals that reportedly bring her in another $130,000.

So what does Farrah Abraham do for a living?

Honestly, a little bit of everything. She’s got this whole money-making thing figured out — and she’s more than just making a living. She’s making serious bank.

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