Former Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff revealed that her and Jeremy Roloff‘s nearly 1-month-old son had undergone a “laser procedure” to treat his “tongue-tie.” 

“[Tongue] tie fixed,” Audrey, 30, shared via Instagram stories on Monday, December 6, alongside a photo of herself holding Radley, who was born on November 11, in a doctor’s office. “Pray this helps keep the mastitis away.” 

Audrey Roloff tongue tie
Audrey Roloff/Instagram

Audrey, who previously revealed she had had the painful condition — which is an inflammation of the breast caused by an infection — 20 times between all three of her children, went on to share more information about ankyloglossia. All three of her children were born with tongue-ties, with Ember, 4, also lip-tied.

Ankyloglossia, or “tongue-tie,” is a condition present at birth when the frenulum on the bottom of the tongue is too short and tight. Breastfeeding USA described lip ties as when “a baby’s lips can be attached to [their] gums, making it difficult to get a good grasp on a nipple.”

A tongue-tie may prevent a baby from receiving enough milk, while for breast-feeding adults, it can cause decreased breast milk supply, blocked milk ducts and mastitis.

“We decided to fix Radley’s tongue-tie … to help with my struggles with breast-feeding and mastitis,” the TLC alum said in a video. “It was a pretty significant tongue-tie. We went to the same place we had Ember’s tongue and [lip-tie] fixed.” 

Ember underwent a procedure to correct her tie in 2018. However, the couple opted not to fix their 2-year-old son Bode‘s tongue-tie as it wasn’t as severe.

“Tongue and lip ties can be released either with a scalpel or scissors, or by laser,” explained Breastfeeding USA. “Lasers do not require anesthesia, and seal the revision instantaneously, so there is minimal bleeding and no risk of infection.” 

Audrey asked the doctor if the condition could be hereditary as all of her children were born with tongue-ties. The doctor asked her to lift up her tongue and informed her she had a tongue-tie as well. 

“I was chuckling inside [when I found out] because I have had so much work done, all the dental and orthodontic things that you can imagine in my mouth. That was super interesting,” the A Love Letter Life author said. “Tongue-ties can cause lots of other issues — breast-feeding, speech, congestion, dental.” 

Audrey said that the newborn was “totally happy and fine” after the “simple” procedure.

“[The laser procedure is] supposed to be more effective in preventing the ties from growing back. It takes 30 seconds to do it,” she informed her followers. “The worst thing is doing these exercises six times a day and once in the middle of the night for four weeks so it doesn’t grow back.”

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