Welcome to Plathville stars Kim Plath and Barry Plath reflected on all of the positive memories they experienced in their marriage after they split.

Kim, 51, and Barry, 55, wrapped up elements of their divorce and moved their things out of their family home as they prepared to put the property up for sale during the season 5 finale on Tuesday, December 5.

“I feel like if Barry had been able to tune in emotionally to what’s going on years ago, then, you know, we would probably be on a different path right now,” Kim admitted as fans watched the former couple divide their belongings.

Barry added, “There is another chapter that comes once you get through the process of grieving the loss of a relationship. It does come to an end. You do make it through. You do come out OK. You’re like, ‘OK, if I can survive that and I can actually mature through it, I can actually come out better understanding relationships hopefully for the next time around, if there ever is one.’”

After noting he hopes he “learned something” from the experience, the TLC personality added that he and Kim will “always be bonded through 25 years worth of great experiences.”

Kim revealed she had a similar mindset as her ex in a confessional. “Barry and I were together for 25 years, and the best parts of that were every single one of those children that we brought into the world, raising them and growing with them and having fun with them and laughing with them,” she said. “I wouldn’t trade those 25 years of marriage for anything because of the beautiful children that it produced.”

After the former couple announced their split in June 2022 after 24 years of marriage, Kim revealed she was dating boyfriend Ken Palmer. The couple are serious, and she explained she was even considering moving in with him during the episode.

“Down the road, I do see the inevitable: A blended family event where Kim’s with her significant other, because, yeah, that’s what the children want. They want their mom and dad together,” Barry said while reflecting on the current dynamic of his family. “They want their mom and dad together and everything in harmony. And so sometimes I have to go the extra mile so I can get along.”

Welcome to Plathville's Barry and Kim Discuss 'New Chapter' After Split: ‘Always Be Bonded’

While Barry finally seemed to be in a good place with Kim, he added that he now feels more connected to his children. “It’s amazing that now I have restored relationships with all my children on down to Ethan. What I want to show them is that they’re just loved,” the TV personality said. “You can’t go wrong with that approach. Because there are so many out there that have never heard their father say I love you.”

The Plath patriarch’s attitude was much different than when he discussed Kim’s decision to start dating during the November 14 episode. At the time, fans watched the former couple cross paths at their daughter Moriah‘s ballroom dance competition, which marked the first time they saw each other since Kim revealed her romance.

“For the sake of the children, I can be around Kim and I can be civil and put myself in Moriah’s shoes and say, ‘Hey, it just would be nice to have us all together… If you show your support for me that would probably mean a lot to me,’” Barry explained. “And then I think, on the other hand, Kim’s making choices in her personal life that I don’t condone, specifically dating Ken, you know, don’t condone it, don’t agree with it, but yet it’s happening in front of me.”

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