There is a lot of damning evidence tying the eccentric Robert Durst to the crimes he’s allegedly committed — but a new development in the 76-year-old’s case proposes that the bombshell confession he seemingly made while filming HBO docuseries The Jinx might not actually count as legitimate proof.

Any true crime fan who watched the six-part series would tell you the final minutes of the deep dive into Durst’s life were some of the most riveting of any film or show that premiered alongside it in 2015. In the last episode, the film’s director, Andrew Jarecki, sat down with the real estate heir and presented him with an envelope he had addressed years prior to a close friend, Susan Berman, who was murdered in 2000.

robert durst the jinx
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The reasons for presenting the envelope were obvious to the audience — the handwriting seemed basically identical to the anonymous note that was left for Beverly Hills Police to aid them in locating Susan’s body. The word “Beverly” was misspelled “Beverley” on both.

The interaction seemed to shake up Durst, because the episode concluded with him in the bathroom, muttering to himself with his microphone still hot from the grilling that had just taken place. Though a lot of the phrases he said were seemingly nonsense, the final words felt harrowingly like a confession.

“What the hell did I do?” the supposed criminal asked himself, before answering, “Killed them all, of course.”

According to a New York Times report, Durst’s legal team alleges those shocking sentences were actually edited, seemingly for effect — the two now-legendary remarks had reportedly been selected from 20 or more random phrases Durst rattled off while his mic was still on, and the two chosen were shown out of order in the doc. His team is currently prepping to use those edits to their advantage, as they call the “manipulations” into question during Durst’s upcoming trial in California for Susan’s murder.

Though the evidence to support the charges against the oddball are plenty, it seems that he won’t be the only one being scrutinized during his impending legal battle.

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