Vivica A. Fox is at the top of her game professionally, but she isn’t having much luck in the love department.

“I wish I could say that I’m seeing someone special, I really do,” says the single 59-year-old, who reveals she’s sworn off dating apps in the hopes of meeting someone the old-fashioned way. “I believe in the magic of chemistry — to look across the room and someone catches your eyes and gives you butterflies. Plus, people lie on them apps, so no!”

Here, the actress talks to In Touch’s Fortune Benatar about her love life, her hardhitting new Peacock movie, Bosco, and who made her most starstruck.

What’s the dating scene like in LA right now?
The last two men I [went out with] had some surprises for me. My motto is “Live, love, laugh” — I just wish I had a lot more loving going on! I made it a rule that I don’t date [other celebrities].

Would you like to get married again?
Yeah, but he can have his own house and I can have mine.

Tell us about your new film, Bosco.
It’s a wonderful story about redemption. I had a couple of tough scenes because my character, Willa, lost her son to the streets at 11 years old. It’s based on a true story, and the message is that everyone deserves a second chance.

You’ve had more than 240 roles during your iconic career. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned?
The key to longevity is versatility. You have to keep evolving. Don’t just do one thing. Be a triple threat. You’re only going to be the hot piece for a certain amount of time, so where are you going next? Are you going to produce, or be a writer, or direct? Go into those different chapters gracefully.

Of all the parts you’ve played, do you have a favorite?
I can name my top five movies: Why Do Fools Fall in Love, Set It Off, Two Can Play That Game — I got to kiss ’ol Morris Chestnut! Kill Bill was one of the most physical roles that I ever played in my career. It got me in the best shape of my life. And Independence Day. That was the one that made me a movie star.

What can you reveal about your new project, Family Recipe Rumble?
I’m going to be executive producer. We want to take people into each other’s kitchens to learn about each other’s food, so we don’t go, “Oh, I don’t eat that.” We’ve also forgotten to sit down and eat with each other. Put down your damn phone and don’t bring it to the table! So we’ll have a little competition and some fun.

What else is next for you?
I want to go to Milan Fashion Week. I’ve never been to Italy. I’ve been so busy and blessed the last year — especially considering we went through a strike. No matter what I do, from movies to television shows to CarShield ads to whatever, I’m having the time of my life. I’m grateful.

Do you see yourself slowing down anytime soon?
I’m gonna try to. But I’m turning 60 in July, and my bucket list is to go somewhere fabulous to celebrate!

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