Wow, Tyler Baltierra is really digging deep into his creative side lately! The Teen Mom OG star has been posting a lot of personal poetry and rap lyrics recently, but the verses he shared on May 17 might just be the most intimate yet. At first glace, the words sound very dark and depressing — he calls himself a "f–king loser" and a "stupid-a– poser," along with several other insults. Luckily, it seems like this is his way of processing and clapping back at haters who try to use those words against him.

"Sometimes I like to write and talk s–t to myself… it’s ironically motivating and it’s kind of fun to play the other side for a change and just have fun with it! This is just a small portion of the stuff that is sent to me daily so I thought I would put it to use hahaha! ??" We knew that Tyler takes a lot of heat as a reality star, but we can't believe just how many insults he deals with!

"Yeah that's me, that stupid a– dude from MTV," he wrote. "Why do they keep filming his pathetic a–, his whiny a–, and his self-entitled attention-seeking stupid a–, his whole family defines the opposite of class." Yikes. It seems really harsh, but if it's helping Tyler take ownership of the criticism and move on, that's great!

Recently he opened up about why he's sharing so many of his personal inner thoughts. "I have always loved writing and as a kid I used to write poetry, I had pages full of it!" he explained. "But I gave it up for some reason when I got a little older and ended up throwing it all away. I’ve been inspired recently to pick it back up and I’m on a mission to refill my notebook. I forgot how therapeutic it was for me as a kid and now I’m realizing how it helps as an adult." So awesome. Keep up the good work, Tyler!

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