Is it okay to joke about cheating? When a random Twitter user accused Tyler Baltierra of being unfaithful to his wife Catelynn Lowell, he did just that. Unfortunately, his sarcastic response isn't sitting well with some fans.

"I wonder how many times @TylerBaltierra has cheated on @CatelynnLowell ?????," wrote a Twitter troll. Tyler quickly retweeted the message, responding, "More times than I could count ?." Obviously, he's just kidding, but some fans thought it was in poor taste.

"That's a very unfunny joke," said one redditor. Cate is in a fragile emotional state after everything she's been through this year, and no one wants to see her get her feelings hurt in the name of humor or otherwise. "Why would he even respond?" asked another fan. "This is going to cause a bunch of tweets and speculations that will set Cate off, and the cycle will continue until her iPhone combusts in her hand!"

Most fans realize it was a joke and don't think that Tyler would ever, ever cheat on his wife. However, a select few think he might be using humor to hide the truth. "I use sarcasm to tell people what I really think about them…" said one, and another agreed, "sadly I feel he is telling the truth."

Of course, there were still plenty of fans that thought the joke was hilarious. "Sarcasm at its finest ?? love it ??," said one. "Tyler that's a great response. You are a good man, husband and dad," agreed another. One more said, "Hehehe. Silly tweet deserves a silly response." We just hope Cate has an equally good sense of humor about it!

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