Several studies show that changing your diet alone has a bigger impact on losing weight than just exercise. But the expense and time it takes to prepare a meal can make it difficult to stick to a plan. As a result, meal-delivery services have become increasingly popular.

One service, Trifecta, stands out because of its focus on goal-oriented nutrition, featuring options for an array of diets, including Paleo and keto. While Trifecta is a great choice for athletes, it was founded to help fight the obesity epidemic. Founder and CEO Greg Connolly says, “My wife is an ER physician, and probably 70 percent of her patients are suffering from chronic diseases—heart disease and type-2 diabetes—caused by obesity.” With the belief that nutrition is the core to the solution, Trifecta was born.

Today, the company counts athletes and stars, such as Rich Froning and Liam Hemsworth, among its fans.

Trifecta combines a rotating menu of delicious, high-quality, never-frozen ingredients and meals with the convenience of fast food. It’s a one-stop shop for every dietary need. On top of its ready-to-eat meals, Trifecta offers a health and fitness app to log food intake and exercise, as well as nutrition education from doctors, dietitians, and chefs.



1. Education
“We want to educate people on quantifying their food. The average person has no idea what or how much they eat in a day since they eat out a lot.”

2. Calories In, Calories Out
“We’re an evidence-based company, and scientific studies point to calories being the most important factor to losing weight.”

3. Macronutrients
“We set people up with a good macronutrient fit for their needs. This changes if they’re doing Paleo, keto, or vegan, so different diets have different breakdowns.”

4. Community
“Surround yourself with a community who is going to be supportive and like-minded.”

5. Periodization
“Dieting perpetually is very difficult. It’s better to do 12 weeks on, where you’re really dialing it in, and 12 weeks where you focus on maintenance.”


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