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Your appearance is personal. 

Whether you focus your energy on your hair color, your skin care, your wardrobe, or your personal fitness, we all spend a lot of time thinking about the way we look. 

Our physical appearance is often the first thing the rest of the world sees. When you struggle with what you see in the mirror, it’s perfectly normal to seek out activities, services, and surgeries that can make you feel like the best version of yourself.

For a long time, cosmetic surgery was treated like an open secret, generally reserved for the ultra-wealthy — especially the highest-quality procedures. But what makes cosmetic surgery different from getting a facial or hitting the gym? And why should it be only accessible to the top percent of earners in the country?

Over the last ten years, cosmetic surgeries and injections have become more commonplace. They’re no longer considered a secret and, crucially, no longer inaccessible to the general public. At the same time, we’ve seen a gap appear in the market. 

Sure, plastic surgeries like breast augmentation have become more available to everyone, but often at the expense of quality. At the low-end, we have seen the emergency or poorly regulated ‘mills’ that focus on volume rather than quality outcomes and robust after-surgery care. And at the top, doctors are offering natural and quickly-recovering augmentations … at prices ranging from ten thousand dollars all the way to a quarter of a hundred thousand dollars.

Thankfully, a new approach seems to be bridging that gap: Specialization.

New York City’s Town Plastic Surgery is effectively changing the breast augmentation game. Rather than opening a clinic offering a wide variety of cosmetic procedures, Town Plastic Surgery exclusively offers breast augmentation. By focusing their craft on breast augmentation, the office produces high-quality results at an accessible price range for the average patient.

Keep reading to learn more about Town Plastic Surgery and how they’re redefining the cosmetic surgery experience.

Town Plastic Surgery

A New Approach, A Different Experience

When it comes to designing a clinic experience, Town Plastic Surgery has gone the extra mile. Their clean and sleek offices are beautiful and elegant, offering a luxurious experience at a reasonable price point.

Designed For Modern Times

Town Plastic Surgery is built for high volume and efficiency, meaning patients can schedule their breast augmentation procedures on their own time. With minimally invasive and cutting edge practices, Town Plastic Surgery’s approach makes breast augmentation a routine outpatient experience.

Their team of highly-skilled and board-certified doctors and practiced nurses has turned the breast augmentation process into a finely-tuned science. Most patients come in for their procedures on Thursdays or Fridays and find they can go back to the office by Monday. Even better, most patients spend less than three hours at the center on the day of their surgery.

Town Plastic Surgery understands that we all lead busy lives, but they’re invested in helping people secure their dream bodies efficiently and reasonably.

For their first free consultation, patients can virtually teleconference with their surgeons for ease, or come in for a personalized visit with a board-certified surgeon. As telehealth becomes more normalized, it’s no surprise to see offices embracing this technology, reducing wait times and giving patients all the answers they need without having to leave home.

Head over to Town Plastic Surgery’s website, and schedule your free consultation today.

Outfitted With Modern Technology

From their first teleconference, patients of Town Plastic Surgery can expect to encounter the highest quality and most advanced technology throughout their experience.

Town Plastic Surgery uses augmented 4D technology to help patients visualize what their implants will look like. With a total body scan, patients can actually see what their results will be and can adjust as necessary to ensure they select exactly what they want. 

In addition to its body scan tech, Town Plastic Surgery also has a state-of-the-art aftercare system. Called ENLARGE, this proprietary and patent-pending system blends technology with personal care from Town Plastic Surgery’s staff. 

Patients can log progress and symptoms, ask their doctors questions, and optimize their recovery. ENLARGE is proven to improve results and decrease recovery time, making breast augmentation even more accessible to those leading busy lives.

Staffed by a Compassionate Team

Many clinics can claim to have state-of-the-art technology, but not all can claim they also offer a world-class quality of care. Town Plastic Surgery understands that you deserve both. Their staff of board-certified doctors and nurses are highly-trained to provide a singular experience that is compassionate, patient, and non-judgmental, in addition to being efficient.

From their first email exchange to the moment they walk through the office doors to the procedure itself, Town Plastic Surgery’s staff is focused on warmth and reassurance. 

What Sets Town Plastic Surgery Apart

So, how exactly does focusing just on breast augmentation lead to higher-quality results? Let’s get into the Town Plastic Surgery difference. 

Specialization and Expertise

Most plastic surgery clinics will offer a range of services. You can walk in the door for facial reconstruction, liposuction, mummy makeovers, blepharoplasties, Brazilian butt lifts, you name it. These types of clinics require plastic surgeons to be something of generalists.

By specializing exclusively in breast augmentation, Town Plastic Surgery’s board-certified doctors are taking their already advanced skills and tuning them to this exact procedure. There are few scenarios they haven’t seen, meaning patients can expect a certain level of reassurance and results. 

Town Plastic Surgery is especially interested in innovating this procedure to make it less invasive, reduce recovery times, and produce more natural outcomes.

Think about it like this: When you walk into a plastic surgery office looking for a breast augmentation, would you rather have a doctor who performs them every day or one that performs them every week? We think we know what you’re going to say. 

Town Plastic Surgery’s staff are true experts in their fields, and it shows in the service that they provide. 

Don’t just take our word for it — check out Town Plastic Surgery’s website, and see how they’ve set themselves apart.

Cost Efficiency and Coordination

That expertise is producing better and better results. They are technicians of breast augmentation, focusing on patients who are exclusively interested in this one procedure. Everything at Town is coordinated and optimized for both quality and cost.

The average market value for quality care generally starts at over ten thousand dollars. Patients at Town Plastic Surgery can expect a far more reasonable price. Their silicon implants for their Manhattan facility start at $6,500, placing them far below the NYC market average without compromising on their standard of care.

Many breast augmentation patients find themselves having to trade off the training of the staff for the cost. Town Plastic Surgery’s model means no one interested in this procedure needs to make that compromise. 

Technology and Care

Nowhere does the intersection of quality and accessibility come to life more than in Town’s proprietary system of aftercare. Using cutting-edge technology and daily check-ins from their support staff, Town Plastic Surgery gathers automated data to optimize results and provide personalized care.

After their procedure, patients will undergo a series of daily consultations and checkups to see how their results are healing. These consultations are done fully remotely, so patients won’t have to interrupt their lives to receive top-quality medical advice. 

As we said earlier, after a few days, most patients feel they can return to their normal schedule and manage any pain with over-the-counter medicine, but that doesn’t mean that Town treats their recovery as something small.

Their aftercare program merges these daily check-ins with a two-week post-op visit where their surgeons can answer questions, monitor changes, and ensure that everything is progressing as it should.

It takes a special sort of chemistry to bring together the latest in virtual telehealth technology with good old-fashioned medical care, and it seems clear that the staff of Town Plastic Surgery has done it. 

A More Accessible Future in Cosmetic Surgery

Remember, our appearances are personal.

When a patient makes an important decision about altering their physical appearance, it’s vital that the surgeons and staff helping them make that decision offer a personal touch.

With a system built around patient care and cutting-edge technology, Town Plastic Surgery is making that decision easier than ever. Their flagship facility, located just south of Bryant Park in Manhattan, New York, is a  clean, modern office and is a reassuring sight for the breast augmentation curious. 

Everything about their approach suggests that patients can expect high-quality results, convenient telehealth options, and an accessible price point.

There’s no reason why a price tag should keep out regular people who just want to achieve their dream body. Especially for a surgery that has progressed so much over the years. As a minimally invasive outpatient procedure, breast augmentation should be available to anyone who wants it.

Read more on Town Plastic Surgery’s patent-pending aftercare system, their 4D body scanning technology, and how their staff is offering better results and a warmer experience for all when you visit their website here.

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