It’s almost time!

Tori and Zach Roloff are inching closer and closer to Baby Roloff’s due date — the mama-to-be is already on maternity leave! — and we’re already getting to learn all about their precious baby boy!

In a bonus clip of Little People, Big World, the two go over possible monikers for a little boy — even though it was before they found out the gender of their little one (it’s worth noting that Zach’s “instinct” wrongly predicted they were going to have a little girl, while Tori’s correctly predicted a boy).

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“I like Jack,” Zach tells his wife in the clip. “You know what I really like? I like Mikey.”

When Tori suggests “Michael, but you call him Mikey,” Zach clarifies, “No, like Mike. Mikey,” before he suggests the name Timothy (which Tori doesn’t seem to support).

“I like names that no everyone has — like, when your child goes to school, he’s one of the only kids that has that name,” Tori explains in a confessional after admitting that she likes the name Miles and Noah. Prior to that, Zach admitted that he likes more “traditional names” — but takes the chance to tease his wife when he suggests the name Boaz for their son.

The pregnancy has been difficult for both mom- and dad-to-be, especially since they were told that there’s a chance that their little bundle of joy could be a little person (they don’t know for sure, but his limbs were measuring below average during checkups).

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“It’s a big deal. It is scary. No parent wants to hear that their child is different, no matter what,” Tori lamented on a previous episode. While Zach tried to calm his wife’s nerves — telling her that it’s “nerve-wracking,” but not “scary,” he admitted that there are definite issues that come along with being a dwarf (issues he has experienced firsthand).

“I had to have leg straightening, so I had two casts on. Then I had to go back into surgery sophomore year of high school, they added screws to the leg,” he said. “So I’m not going to say, ‘Oh yeah, man, I wish my kid had dwarfism. All those struggles he’s going to go through? Heck yeah! Can’t wait!’ But I’m also not going to say, ‘I really hope [he’s] average height.’ Average height kids have issues, too.”

Thankfully, there is one thing they can agree on.

“Whatever pops out, we’re going to love it,” she gushed.

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