Don't mess with her man! Tori Roloff refused to sit around idly when fans accused her husband Zach Roloff of cursing on Tuesday's season finale of Little People, Big World. Some were convinced they heard Zach drop the F-bomb while cutting down their Christmas tree, but Tori wasn't having any of it. The mother-of-one posted on her Instagram stories to clear the air on June 20.

"Okay, I just want to address something that everyone has been freaking out about today about the episode that aired last night. My husband did not drop the F-bomb, I promise," Tori wrote. "There have been very few times in my life where my husband has dropped the F-word. Especially in a circumstance like that. And so I re-watched it, and guys, he says 'fudge,' like fudge you eat. I just wanted to address that. I really don't think he said the F-word … I re-watched it four times and guys, he says 'fudge.' Especially with an infant around, we don't really use that word."

Fans seemed to get a kick out of the candid on-screen moment, with one asking Tori on Instagram: "Did Zach sing 'F–K!' tonight when he was cutting the tree?" Several viewers were going back and forth about whether Zach cussed on television. "I just thought it was a funny moment and made us do a double take while watching this episode," another explained. "You don't need to come to his defense. I am not knocking him as a person or his parenting." Luckily, Tori had Zach's back either way!

Zach and Tori are already proud parents to their precious one-year-old son Jackson, but fans recently began speculating that she was expecting another baby when she shared a picture covering her tummy. Tori laughed off the rumors and had the best response ever on May 16. "No, I am not pregnant," she wrote on her Instagram story. "That is just my burrito from yesterday. Kthanksbye." Way to set the record straight!

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