For the 17th season of Dancing With the Stars, professional dancer Tony Dovolani will take In Touch readers along his incredible journey by providing a behind the scenes look at DWTS and reflecting on that week’s performance. This week, he is talking about what it is like to work with his latest partner, Leah Remini.


Have you ever met someone and just clicked? That’s how I feel about working with my latest dancing partner, Leah Remini!

When we met, I felt like I had known her my whole life, she felt like an old friend that I have known forever.

Well—I have sort of have known her; in the past, I’ve been paired with stars whose work I wasn’t familiar with, but that couldn’t be further from the case with Leah. She’s an incredible actress who has made such an impact on the comedic world—needless to say, I was already a really big fan of hers. 

But despite being such a big star, Leah could not be more down to earth! Some people make you think, “These guys are stars. They have egos. They have their things.”

None of that exists with Leah.

I’m inspired by her work ethic and professionalism; she’s never been late, and she’s shown her dedication by staying late. She’s just so caring, she makes me feel like the king—not many people make you feel like that in the world!

Maybe Leah knows how important support is because she has such an amazing support system; not only were her husband, sister, sister-in-law and daughter all there to support her, but she also had her best friend Jennifer Lopez cheering her on from the audience! It really shows how close knit the family—JLo included—is and how important they are to one another.

Although, Jen in the audience may have made Leah a little nervous, but I think she really aced it last night. That really shows me that she’s a fighter—which is just the kind of partner I need this season!

Obviously I have a ton of faith in Leah, but she has her work cut out for her considering she’s not a dancer and she’s competing in a season full of dancers.

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More than half of the cast are dancers and it’s not a secret, even though we can all pretend not to say it, or others insist that it’s different genres. But that makes me so grateful I’m with Leah—I don’t know anybody stronger or more gracious than her.

And I will make sure we will fight! Our earrings are off, our jewelry’s off, we’ve taken our gloves off; We’re going to compete against these guys—and they better watch out!

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