Tom Brady gave his ex-wife, Gisele Bündchen, a special shout-out in his Instagram post for Mother’s Day. The Sunday, May 12, mention came one week after Gisele was left “livid” over jokes made about her during the athlete’s Netflix roast.

“Happy Mothers Day to these kind, caring, compassionate and POWERFUL moms that I’m lucky to have in my life,” Tom, 46, gushed. “None of this would be possible without your love.” Along with the message, he included a series of pictures of his own mom, Galynn Brady, as well images of his older sisters, Gisele, 43, and Bridget Moynahan, whom he shares his oldest son with.

The picture of Gisele showed the model horseback riding with her and Tom’s two children, Benjamin, 14, and Vivian, 11. The A-listers were married for 13 years before divorcing in October 2022.

tom brady celebrates ex gisele on mothers day after roast

On May 5, Tom was targeted during The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady for Netflix. The evening was filled with jokes made at Tom’s expense, which included several digs about his relationship history. There were various quips about Gisele’s new relationship with Joaquim Valente, including some that insinuated she cheated on Tom with the Jiu-Jitsu instructor, which she has vehemently denied.

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“Gisele isn’t just furious with the people who roasted Tom and made fun of her, she’s livid with Tom for even agreeing to do it,” a source exclusively told In Touch. “He knew the jokes would be cruel and aimed at his marriage and at her, but he did it anyway. She blames Tom for not even taking her or their children into consideration. The jokes hit below the belt.”

Bridget, 53, was also the subject of several roast jokes. She and Tom split in 2006 and announced her pregnancy in February 2007, at which point he had already moved on with Gisele. In one roast quip, Nikki Glaser said, “But seriously, Tom, you’re the best to ever play for too long. You retired, then you came back and then you retired again. I get it, it’s hard to walk away from something that’s not your pregnant girlfriend. It’s tough.”

One day after the live event, the actress posted a cryptic quote on Instagram that seemed to be a response to what was said about her. “Loyal people take s–t more personal because they never would’ve did that s–t to you,” the message read. Bridget captioned the post, “So true.”

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