This is not a drill, people! TLC’s new show Unexpected is set to replace MTV’s classic 16 and Pregnant. The six-episode series will premiere in November and will follow, you guessed it, three pregnant teen girls. The expectant moms are the daughters of teen moms themselves, so there’s no doubt these families are going to be the source of some major drama. The season will follow 16-year-old Lilly, 16-year-old McKayla, and 15-year-old Lexus, who are all preparing to welcome their first children. Here’s your guide to the cast ahead of the series’ release!

Who is Lexus Scheller on Unexpected?

Lexus is expecting a child with her boyfriend Shayden. Not only was Lexus’ mother a teen mom, she was the daughter of a teen mom as well, making Lexus’ pregnancy mark three generations of teen pregnancies. According to the trailer, Kelsey was shocked by her daughter’s news. “I never thought I’d be here, with my daughter being 15 and pregnant,” the grandma-to-be, 31, said.

lexus unexpected tlc

Lexus with her mother and grandmother, both teen moms themselves. (Photo Credit: TLC)

Who is McKayla Adkins on Unexpected?

McKayla and boyfriend Caelen are getting ready to become parents. The 16-year-old was raised by her grandparents as her teen mom wasn’t around for her childhood. McKayla’s grandma Shannon admitted that her granddaughter’s pregnancy wasn’t a shock to her. “I found out McKayla was pregnant through text,” Shannon said. “I really wasn’t surprised.” We’ll get to see McKayla go to prom with a baby bump and try to reconnect with her estranged mother.

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Who is Lilly Bennett on Unexpected?

Lilly and James, her boyfriend of just a few months at the time of filming, were definitely not prepared to get pregnant. “No one ever told me that it was so easy to get pregnant,” Lilly said in the trailer for the show. Though Lilly seems to have high hopes for her relationship, her mother wants her to know that “not every dad sticks around.” In fact, her mother said she was pretty much devastated to learn of her daughter’s pregnancy. “It’s not what a mom wants for her daughter — nobody wants this,” she said. “It’s pretty much a mom’s worst nightmare.”

lilly unexpected tlc

Lilly and her boyfriend James. (Photo Credit: TLC)

Are you gonna tune in to the new show!? Watch the full trailer below:

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