Hey, uh, can someone go check on Tila Tequila? The former reality star has gone through some pretty scary times over the past few years, whether she was stripping down on the daily for her Instagram or going full neo-Nazi on Twitter. Now, it seems like she’s in the midst of another full-blown mental breakdown, this time focusing on God and Satan. In a new video shared to her YouTube account under the name Tornado Thien, she’s sharing her “testimony” about why she left Hollywood — and the 40-minute video is full of pretty spooky stuff.

The video starts off normal enough, with a makeup-free Tila recording in her child’s nursery. “For a long time, people have been asking me to share my testimony, and how did I turn to Christ and all that,” she says. She starts to talk about her path before getting distracted by something behind the camera, then says, “Every time I talk, the birds come. It’s like the glory of God. They want to come here and hear my testimony and celebrate in my wonderful changes.” She repeatedly gets distracted as she talks, randomly peppering her speech with, “Hey guys,” like she’s starting over or, “Let me show you something,” before continuing with what she was saying before.

It isn’t long before the speech turns to demons instead, though. “Another demon came yesterday, trying to leave a comment,” she says. “Because I have very powerful discernment, so you cannot fool me. So there was a demon that came trying to make a snide comment.” She’s talking about someone commenting on a recent video she made, but it doesn’t seem like she’s just calling a hater a demon, it seems like she really thinks it was a demon in her comments.

She also compares herself to Jesus, and says that, like him, she was chosen by God before she was born. “That’s why all these mysterious, supernatural things keep happening around me,” she explains. “And that’s why my whole life, the enemy has tried to kill me. Just like before Jesus was born… they were trying to hunt him down his whole life. So the same has happened to me, but then I realized that it’s not because of anything other than I have been chosen before the other foundations of the world.” The comparisons continue later on when she said her spirit was dead for three days before being resurrected. “It’s literally like I’m the female version of him or something.”

She also discusses having visions and being possessed by the “spirit of Satan.” But she doesn’t confine her story to just God, Satan, and various demons. She also gets specific about other Hollywood personalities, even claiming that Paris Hilton‘s family drugged her and that her ex-girlfriend Courtenay Semel, an actress and socialite, had killed Tila’s other ex, Casey Johnson, a socialite and heiress to the Johnson & Johnson family.

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Remember how I briefly told y'all a while back about how when I got annointed at church and the holy spirit came upon me then soon after that I started to see words go flying out of my mouth? God was telling me that from that moment on all the words I speak will be HIS WORDS! I am bringing up this story because only today did I come across this verse that fits exactly into my situation! Wow! God is so great and he never changes! The only thing that changes are the new prophets that the Lord chooses who's set for an appointed time. I am so humbled that he has chosen me, a woman, who will rain down hellfire from the LION OF JUDAH! ROAAAAAAR! I GOTTA ADMIT….I ROAR PRETTY LOUDLY! IN THE SPIRIT I CAN FEEL MYSELF ROARING AND THAT'S WHY I'M ALWAYS TYPING IN CAPS! LOL! BUT ANYWAY, IT STILL MAKES ME AWESTRUCK AT TIMES IF I STOP TO THINK ABOUT IT. ABOUT HOW GOD CHOSE ME TO DO A MIGHTY THING TO TAKE DOWN KINGDOMS AND NATIONS! BUT I'VE ALWAYS BEEN CONSIDERED SOMEONE WHO'S "FOOLISH" IN THIS WORLD….NEVER TAKEN SERIOUSLY BY MAN…ESPECIALLY WHILE I WAS IN HOLLYWOOD. SO IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE WHY THE LORD WOULD CHOOSE SOMEONE LIKE ME TO DO A POWERFUL THING! YAY! I GOTTA TELL YA….IM SO GOOD AT SMITING THOUGH! REMEMBER HOW WHEN THEY TRIED TO TAKE ME DOWN AT THE JUGGALO CONCERT AND I STOOD THERE LIKE A BEAST AND LITERALLY BATTLED 2,000 DEGENERATES WHO WANTED TO KILL ME AND I WAS NOT AFRAID OF THEM???? OH, THE DEVIL WAS ANGRY WITH ME THAT DAY CUZ HE WAS EXPECTING ME TO RUN IN FEAR. BUT INSTEAD I STOOD THERE LIKE A CHAMP TALKING CRAP TO THEM, BELITTLING THEM, AND MOCKING THEM! HAHAHAA! LOL I AIN'T NEVER SCARED OF NOBODYYYYY! BRING IT! GIVE ME ALL YOU'VE GOT AND I WILL RETURN IT WITH THE LORD'S WRATH UPON YOU! #FACTS😁 9 Then the Lord put forth his hand, and touched my mouth. And the Lord said unto me, Behold, I have put my words in thy mouth.-Jeremiah 1:9

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This is hardly Tila’s first brush with controversy, though. In 2015, the star was kicked off the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother after it was revealed that she’d penned a 2013 essay called “Why I Sympathize With Hitler Part 1: True History Unveiled” and photoshopped herself wearing a red swastika armband and SS cap while standing in front of Auschwitz. A few months later, she dressed her daughter up as the Nazi dictator on Instagram. In recent months, she’s taken to attacking other celebrities on Instagram, calling Beyoncé the “Queen Demon”, writing that Cardi B is “such a filthy, unclean demon full of rottenness that it has manifested in her face,” and accusing Kim Kardashian of getting “uglier and uglier by the day” because she doesn’t have a soul.

She’s struggled with mental illness and addiction for years, but more recently she’s also been part of a custody battle over her four-year-old daughter, Isabella. The star announced she was pregnant with her second child in March, and gave birth to another daughter, Annabelle, in August. We just hope that Tila gets the help that she needs, both for herself and for the sake of her kids.