This was such a brave move! Earlier this year, Tiffany "New York" Pollard revealed that she is impacted by bipolar disorder — and in an exclusive interview with In Touch, the Scared Famous star opened up about why she went public with her battle.

"I'm all about self-acceptance in my mid-30s. Like, you know, I own every inch of my personality now, so to admit that I do suffer from a little bit of bipolar disorder is just me being transparent, and it's true," Tiffany shared. "Sometimes, I'm super friendly and then sometimes I'm super bitchy, so the fact that now I know that's me being bipolar, my friends get it now. They're not as upset with me when I'm being cruel."

She also offered some advice for those with loved ones who suffer from the disorder so they can be helpful. "I think patience is a virtue when you're dealing with someone who does suffer from bipolar because one minute you can be so up in the clouds and the next you can just be so angry out of nowhere," the I Love New York star said.

"But I mean, I just think that as long as you come from a place of love and patience, everything is going to be okay, and I swear, the bitchy crankiness only lasts for like a split second. Then you're just happy for the majority of the time."

Tiffany decided to take part in the terrifying VH1 reality series in hopes of winning money for the Feed the Hungry charity. "I just feel like, in this country that we live in, there should be nobody going to sleep on an empty belly. I feel like we should all have the necessities, even if it's just like bread, milk, and eggs," she stated.

"Just something to put into your system so nobody is left hungry. Even if it's oatmeal, you know, it doesn't have to be Kobe beef or something extravagant, but I don't feel like anyone should go to bed hungry."

Scared Famous airs on VH1 on Mondays at 9 p.m. EST.

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