Kids and pets — is there anything cuter? Let Spurgeon Seewald help you decide. Jessa Duggar posted a video of a cat snuggling on little Spurgeon, and it’s honestly the most adorable thing we’ve seen this week. Check out the sweet moment in the video above and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Jessa posted the phenomenally cute video to her Instagram, with the caption, “Spurgeon climbed up on a rock, and his little friend followed him. 😊” The little friend, in this case, being a lovely tabby kitty, who couldn’t seem to get enough of Jessa’s firstborn.

Spurgeon didn’t seem totally sure what he should do with the small creature that was rubbing up on his legs and trying to get the boy to pet him, which makes us wonder just how many pets the kids has been around in his short life. Behind the camera, viewers can hear Jessa reassuring him that the kitty likes him, and even though Spurgeon mostly just looks at the cat and smiles at it and at the people watching them, the cat seems to have a grand time trying to snuggle up to him even without petting as a reward.


At one point, the cat even reaches up to tap Spurgeon’s hand, probably in an attempt to get the kid to understand that it’s time for some petting, darn it! Someone in the background tells him the cat is giving him a high-five, but Spurgeon seemed a little surprised and unsure of how to react. But he’s grinning for most of the interaction, and everyone watching seems to get a kick out of the adorable moment –— including people in the comments of Jessa’s post.

“That is the cutest thing ever! 😍😍😄 #kittyhighfive” one person replied, and another wrote, “Cuteness overload. He’s adorable, they both are.”

We think it’s pretty obvious what Jessa and Ben Seewald need to do if they haven’t already: get a cat! Then there’ll be no shortage of these super sweet Spurgeon and kitty moments.

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