One show is not enough for Terra Jolé! The Little Women: LA star is getting a new show, and even though she hasn't revealed all the details yet, she exclusively told In Touch that fans should prepare for a formal announcement soon.

"I'm still out doing the book tour, so this is a big, stressful time because, on top of the book tour, I'm actually, before Season 7, you'll see a new show with my husband and me on Lifetime that I can't give any details about, but it's kind of like Terra's Little Family, but it has a twist, for sure," she revealed. "It's like when it rains it pours. There are the book details, there are show details, and then Season 7 is about to start filming."

How exciting! Now fans of the celeb will be able to watch her on Little Women: LA, read her book, and watch her new show. In the meantime, her book — Fierce at Four Foot Two — gives fans a glimpse into her real-life. She wrote about dwarfism, dating, her DUI, and much more.

"There were a few things I was really skeptical about with feelings," she continued. "Things that I've done in my past and movies that I necessarily wasn't proud of, but they've changed my life in a way. I'm very vocal about how they changed my life rather than trying to hide behind those details. With the girls, I tried to stay very politically correct and I do reveal a lot about Tonya, but I really tried to stick to this book and make it my book and not anyone else's book."

We're sure Terra had a lot of stories to tell and we hope she didn't hold back. We can't wait to read her book and watch her new show!

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