What, did you think only American teenagers can get pregnant? MTV has brought the magic that is Teen Mom to the masses around the world, with shows like Teen Mom UK and Teen Mom Poland. Believe it or not, these chicks might be even cooler and more inspiring than the ones we know and love.

These girls may have grown up across the globe from the likes of Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans, but you might be surprised by how similar their lives are. These girls deal with the same problems, from baby daddy drama to trying to finish school while being a single mom. However, they also have the same perks, like hocking diet products and clothing on Instagram.

One huge difference in the girls from America and the rest of the world is that the cast of UK and Poland seem to all be really good friends with each other. We rarely see the girls from our local cast together, except for reunions and a couple pairs of friends (like Kailyn Lowry and Leah, who recently vacationed in Hawaii). On the other hand, the entire UK cast seems super tight and all hang out in groups. They're also all shockingly gorgeous, too, with makeup games on point! Think more mommy-Kylie-Jenner, less Jenelle.

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Scroll through the gallery below to meet all the girls of Teen Mom UK and Teen Mom Poland!