They’re baaaaack!

Tonight, Teen Mom 2 returned for season 7B — and there was no shortage of drama for Chelsea Houska, Kailyn Lowry, Leah Messer and Jenelle Evans!

Couldn’t tune in? Worry not — we’ll let you know what you missed with our handy episode recap!

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Kailyn Proves the Sky’s the Limit

When we first reunite with Kail, she admits she’s confused about her relationship with Javi Marroquin, having just talked to him at the Teen Mom 2 reunion. She admits that the two remain distant, but he’s in regular contact with her kids, Isaac and Lincoln.

But she seems to get over it quickly — by jumping out of a plane!

“Some people dye their hair when they go through changes in life — some people jump our of f–king planes,” she jokes of her “quarter-life crisis.”

Adam Gives His Side of the Story

Chelsea’s segment begins with — what else — drama related to her baby daddy, Adam Lind. The two butted heads while filming the reunion, and when the cameras catch up with Aubree’s dad, he’s frustrated with his portrayal on the show.

When his producer, Mandi, shows up at his house he initially refuses to open the door.

After 45 minutes, he opens up — but he’s anything but cooperative. He expresses his frustration that when he missed his father/daughter dance with his daughter it was filmed — but no one told the crew that he attended a movie viewing with his girl.

When a producer says he should speak for himself, he proves to be difficult, saying, he “shouldn’t have to.”

Uh, not quite how it works, big guy!

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Jenelle Gives a Custody Update

When we get back to North Carolina with Jenelle, the mother-of-two is happier than ever with her new man, David, and admits that she’s been getting along well with her mothers, Barbara. However, things aren’t as good with her baby daddy, Nathan, who she says hasn’t asked to see their son, Kaiser.

The two have plans to come face-to-face in the near future, as they have a court date for the assault charge against Jenelle.

“I’m really nervous, because if I’m found guilty, it could affect my career when I’m older, it could affect my life because I could go to jail for 30 days and where would Kaiser go, he’d be wondering where I am,” she says before explaining that Nathan asked his girlfriend to drop the charges.


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Leah Breaks Down

Leah kicks off season 7B by reminding her fans there’s “nothing easy” about being a single mom. Um, yes, you can say that again!

When it’s time to take her twin girls — Ali and Aleeah — to their T-ball game, she stresses out when she can’t find the keys to her car.

“Every time MTV’s here, something like this has to happen,” she says between tears. “Every time.”

Aw, chin up Leah — we know you’re doing your best!

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Javi Checks In

FaceTime is a godsend while Javi is deployed — for both Javi and us, the viewers!

He checks in with his friend Darius (who?) and says he doesn’t know what the future will look like when he comes back to Delaware but that he “wants his marriage [to work] more than anything.”

Aubree Has a Girl’s Day!

Chels and her little MOH, Aubs, have a girl’s day so she can try on her dress for Chelsea’s wedding.

She looks awesome in her lace dress — just like Mommy — and even previews her “sweet dance moves.”

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Jeremy Takes a Job in South Dakota

Addie gets to reunite with her daddy — Jeremy Calvert — which is good, considering he accepted a long-term job all the way in South Dakota.

Leah tells her friend Kayla that his mom is going out for a week and he suggests she takes Addie with her, but the thought of Addie only seeing her dad for one week (when he’s gone for four months) doesn’t sit well with Leah.

Jenelle and Nathan Come Face-to-Face in Court

Jenelle meets up with her ex — where else — but in court, where a judge hears his girlfriend Jessica’s side of the assault story, as does Nathan.

Jenelle later gives her side of the story and breaks down that she’s “just trying to be a good person and a good mom.”

We’re rooting for ya, Jenelle!

Isaac Graduates From Kindergarten

Isaac’s kindergarten graduate is bittersweet — as he breaks down in tears while celebrating with his mom, dad Jo and stepmom Vee.

He finally breaks down in tears and begs, “I want my dad” when Kailyn reminds him his dad is at the table — he clarifies he wants his “other dad.” Thankfully, Javi calls it just in time to try his tears.

Jenelle Gets the News She’s Been Waiting For!

Jenelle finally gets the news she’s been waiting for — not guilty! She cries again, but this time it’s happy tears! That’s what we’re talking about!

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