It’s all she said, she said! Fans are still buzzing after the explosive fight scene between Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus aired during the Teen Mom 2 reunion special last week, and both ladies will finally be able to sit down and tell their sides of the story with hosts Dr. Drew and Nessa. But during her segment, Kail openly admitted that she actually wanted to hit Bri during their heated confrontation.

“I told her get up ‘cause I was ready to fight one-on-one in a room with nobody there — ’cause I don’t need cameras, I don’t need an audience,” Kail said. Dr. Drew clarified that Kail meant she wanted to physically fight, and Kail responded, “Yeah.”

“I went in there to talk to her, and then when she didn’t have an explanation for why she felt comfortable saying what she said, then I said to square up,” Kail continued.

But Bri had a completely different story. She told Dr. Drew that even though Kail said she wanted to fight one-on-one alone in a room, there were bodyguards present — which was exactly how fans watched it play out on last week’s episode.  

“She [was] approaching me like she wants to fight,” Bri explained. “Obviously, nothing’s gonna happen ‘cause we’re in a closed space and there’s so many security guards in there, and she’s just like ‘Let me just hit you one time.'”

When Dr. Drew asked Bri if she said anything about Kail’s family or kids that would have provoked her to resort to physical violence — Kail claimed that Bri claimed that her ex-boyfriend and third baby daddy Chris Lopez allegedly “beat” her in front of her kids — Bri explained why she made those comments about Kail.

“The whole time I was with Javi, all she did was talk s–t about me. I saw text messages like, ‘Oh, f–k that b—h, why are you with her? She’s so ratchet, the DeJesus family — why are you at Disney with them? I don’t want my kids next to them,'” Bri said. “And it just escalated — I said things that I probably shouldn’t have said. She crossed mad boundaries with me — that’s my whole point. She talks all this crap and then the moment I say something back, she wants to play the victim.”

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