Clearing the air. Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans denied throwing shade at her former costar, Leah Messer, after she opened up about her past struggle with addiction on the Tuesday, October 27 episode.

The drama started when Jenelle, 28, shared a cryptic message on Twitter. “I wonder if you’re really going to tell the truth about your addiction. I know too much. [face with tears of joy emoji] Why was I super honest about mine but you weren’t? Curious. [face with monocle emoji] #ThinkingOutloud,” the North Carolina native tweeted. She added in a separate tweet, “#IfTheShoeFits [woman shrugging emoji].”

Because of the timing of the tweet, which was shared about one hour before the episode aired on MTV, many fans felt Jenelle’s shade was directed towards Leah, 28. Some followers called Jenelle out in her mentions, which prompted her to respond.

“Y’all have no idea wtf I’m even talking about … but go ahead keep assuming [woman shrugging emoji],” Jenelle wrote in a series of follow-up tweets on Wednesday, October 28. “If I tweet anything it’s always taken the wrong way [face with tears of joy emoji] [reversed hand with middle finger extended emoji].”

When a fan pointed out that Jenelle may still be watching the show even though she’s no longer a cast member on it, she responded, “… This has nothing to do with anyone from the show. This is about an old friend of mine from high school.”

“No … that wasn’t about Leah. I wish you all would stop associating me with the show. Let’s all move on now. Thanks! [beating heart emoji] [thumbs up emoji],” she later clarified.

Leah opened up for the very first time on camera about her past struggle with addiction to prescription painkillers, which led to a rehab stint in 2015, during a scene where she had a meeting with the editor for her book, Hope, Grace, & Faith.

“I’ve never said this before, but I was addicted to pain medication,” Leah revealed in her confessional. “I think that I definitely hid it a lot. It was hard for me to hear all the backlash and the hate,” Leah said. “I was scared about what the repercussions would be and then I would have this big ‘addict’ on my forehead and everyone perceiving that every little thing I did was because I was an addict. I was afraid of the way I would be looked at, I was afraid [ex-husband] Corey [Simms] would be able to still use it against me in court. It’s nothing I should be ashamed of. So, I want others to own their stories and not feel ashamed or feel like they’re alone.”

While she previously denied her addiction struggle, she exclusively told In Touch in August that she was finally ready to be open about her experience and her sobriety journey.

“I’m ready to be another voice. … I don’t care about the whole image of what others are [going to] say or think about me,” Leah said at the time. “Before, I definitely did.”

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