Those who missed seeing Peter Gunz, Amina Buddafly, and Tara Wallace‘s love triangle play out on Love & Hip Hop: New York thought they were getting a glimpse at the drama once again when a video surfaced of Tara on Instagram weighing in on her ex’s relationship with Amina. However, the video in question was actually old AF and the mother-of-three — who is now the brand ambassador for WoWEbony — exclusively revealed to In Touch that even she “wished it was some drama!”

“What happened was — it was an old video and it wasn’t directed towards anyone. It was directed towards people asking me things. If we’re gonna go live, we have to address the things people are saying sometimes. I was like, ‘Guys. Stop asking me. This is what I’m feeling.’ It wasn’t a target to [Amina], this was just the facts,” she explained.

“We can all pull up videos where the other said whatever, this was just my truth and my fact because of what people were asking me. I addressed it. There was no shade or hit at her. We are where we are, it doesn’t matter how I feel — but I can address it the same way she can address what’s going on in her life, her perception or side of the story. It’s just weird — I never really comment on her side of the story. It’s her side and I can’t take that from [her]. People are so used to me not speaking on the situation, so when I do it becomes a big deal. I was like, ‘That’s old. I don’t remember when I did that.'”

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Tara has happily moved on with a new BAE — who still remains anonymous — and will ensure that her and Peter’s three boys — Kaz, Jamison, and Gunner — have the ultimate holiday season. “Christmas for us is very traditional. We start with getting the tree and we decorate the tree, so we’re gonna do that — and the boys know we all are part of it. When we were together, we all went together, or even when we really weren’t — but this year they’ll go with their dad, they’ll pick out a tree. That will be separate, then when they come home we’ll all kind of decorate it,” the actress revealed.

“We’re making it more like a family event. Peter is very much into Christmas and being around his kids for Christmas, so those are things I won’t take away. We’ll do some of Christmas together. It’s nice for the boys, and Peter has other children so he has to play Santa all over the place. He’ll have to do that many places because he’s a Christmas person. He wants his kids to love Christmas the way he does, so I understand that.”

As for Amina, Tara insisted the two are not on bad terms today. “Our kids are siblings — so we’re able to come together. We’ve kind of been playing phone tag because the kids want to talk to their sisters [Cori and Bronx Gunz].”

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The former reality star hosted a WoWEbony holiday popup showroom event at Caden in NYC on Thursday. “I found out that WoWEbony is an affordable wig line, and it’s something the everyday woman can afford. She can look amazing, and she doesn’t have to spend all day getting it done — because when you work and have kids, who has seven or eight hours to get their hair done? At the end of the day, every woman is adding something to her hair — whether it’s for fullness, texture, whatever,” she shared. “It feels so good when you represent a brand you think people are going to love. Or you know it’s going to be good, the feedback. That’s why we’re here.”

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