Our childhood dreams are coming true! Aly and AJ have officially returned to the music scene with their new single, “Take Me.” The sister duo just released their first song together in 10 years and we’re obsessed their new sound. But, fans are wondering what prompted their return to music? And more importantly, when can we expect a full album? Well, the sisters recently opened up about the inspiration between their soon-to-be-hit and how far they’ve come from their Disney Channel days.

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“Going to the studio, we promised ourselves we would go with what came out. And that’s really hard to do,” AJ explained to ELLE.com. “Most of the time you’re writing for radio, you’re writing for a label, you’re writing to stick a hit, and you end up coming out with something that isn’t necessarily genuine.” Watch the video below to learn more about their new music!

But they said that wasn’t this case with their new music (their EP comes out in 2018). She added, “We were comforted that we were coming out with something that was original and felt like us. It wasn’t formulated for anyone else or pop radio. It was exactly how we wrote.”

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Now, the girls are much older, more experienced, and therefore have a lot more real-life anecdotes to put into their music. Which is exactly how the idea of “Take Me” came about. The song is all about dating culture, or really… the lack of dating culture. “‘Take Me’ was about, ‘Are you going to take me out? Do I have to be the first person to make the move?’ And in this era, women can be the first person to make the move, but it’s not usually how Aly and I roll romantically,” AJ continued. “I was writing a song that was more of a demand. ‘You’re going to do this, if it works, it works, but I’m not going to be the first one to step out.'” Relatable.

Listen to it here!

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