The Hills alum Stephanie Pratt received backlash on Twitter for encouraging violence amid protests following the death of George Floyd.

“Shoot the looters — using this tragedy as their excuse to rob and burn all of our towns down,” the TV personality, 34, wrote on Sunday, May 31.

In the replies, several users brought up the California native’s criminal record. “LOOOOOOL come on now, Stephanie. Did you really tweet this for the world to see knowing you got arrested for looting? That’s wild,” one follower replied. “All of your towns are on stolen land. Go back to stealing purses or whatever it is bored, rich girls do,” another added. A third chimed in, writing, “Pratt. stay out of this, sweetie. We all know your past of looting.”

Stephanie Pratt Shoot the Looters Twitter
Courtesy of Stephanie Pratt/Twitter

In 2006, the Made in Chelsea alum was arrested for stealing more than $1,300 worth of goods from Neiman Marcus in Hawaii. She was charged with theft and drug possession following the incident. Additionally, the fashion maven was arrested again in October 2009 for driving under the influence. As a result, she served three years of probation for the crime and paid $5,000 in bail.

In 2015, the author relived her 2006 incident for her memoir Made in Reality. “I woke up handcuffed to a hospital bed. When I landed back in L.A., Mom took me back home and I went upstairs to my old bedroom and I felt so much shame,” she wrote. She also addressed her use of illegal substances including cocaine and crystal meth.

Despite being slammed for criticizing the looters, Pratt seemed unfazed and continued to share her thoughts on Twitter. “My heart breaks for all of these businesses around L.A. affected. First the quarantine and now this,” she captioned a video she took of a live broadcast of a local Urban Outfitters being broken into and destroyed. In the background, the FIDM alumni can be heard saying “Oh my god,” in disbelief.

Several protests have erupted across the country as people search for justice following the death of George Floyd on May 25. After he was arrested on “suspicion of using counterfeit money,” officer Derek Chauvin, who is white, knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes. “I can’t breathe,” the 46-year-old cried out in video footage from the incident. Officer Chauvin has since been arrested on charges of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

In Touch reached out to Pratt for comment.

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