He just won’t stop! On February 21, rapper Soulja Boy posted some pretty NSFW tweets about dating rumors swirling about him and Blac Chyna after they were spotted holding hands. Though he eventually denied the claims, now he’s back on that s–t-talking life. But this time, the tweets aren’t aimed at the video vixen. Instead, they’re targeting Chyna’s ex and the “Crank That” singer’s nemesis, Tyga. On Tuesday, February 26, he let loose once more on the social media site, again weighing in on those dating rumors — and even bringing the couple’s son into the drama.

“Me and Blac Chyna could [never] work,” Soulja Boy, 28, wrote on the social media site. “She likes n–gaz like Tyga lol.” That’s wasn’t it, either. He continued on to say, “I f–ked yo baby mama and played Fortnite with yo son,” even adding a shrug emoji for extra attitude. And though the rapper deleted both tweets, he still seems pretty proud of them. After all, the statements are far from missing on his feed — because he keeps retweeting media sites sharing the tweets in their headlines.

Soulja Boy Takes Jabs At Tyga in Deleted Tweets
Twitter/Courtesy of Soulja Boy

All of that is, predictably, pretty much in line with what went down the week before. After tweeting that he wasn’t dating Chyna and that he just wanted to “just wanted to see what the p–sy felt like,” he deleted the tweet and wrote, “My apologies to Blac Chyna and my fans for the previous tweet. Blac Chyna and I have a mutual friendship nothing more nothing less.” But then he deleted that tweet and claimed, “Blac Chyna hacked my phone. Smh I didn’t tweet that last tweet apology. I left my phone at her house smh,” and reiterated his first statement.

He also went on to insist that he was dating Tiona Fernan, writing, “What I look like dating Blac Chyna lmao I’m in a relationship with Tiona Fernan stop playing with me lol.” Of course, that doesn’t account for the fact that he’s now claiming that he and Tyga’s ex have smashed and that he wanted to feel her, uh, well, you remember the rest. It’s hard to know exactly what the truth is here — but what we do know is that Tyga definitely has a bone to pick with Soulja Boy. And it sounds like Tiona probably should, too.

In addition to the tweets, though, he’s also coming for Tyga on Instagram. In a new post, he shared a video clip of boxer Floyd Mayweather talking about the rapper getting kicked out of his party. “Tyga?! This what happens when u lost in the sauce,” Soulja Boy wrote. “My big brudda don’t even know who u is. Damn how u had bigger come back please explain? New diss song drops today. U got kicked out the party Kuz u wasn’t invited fam. Ur not the money team.” On Twitter, he finished, “Tyga?! It’s over for ya period.”

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