Joe Jonas opened up about his divorce from Sophie Turner at his concert in L.A. on September 9. “It’s been a crazy week,” he told fans, before the Jonas Brothers sang “Hesitate,” the song he wrote for his estranged wife — as a single tear ran down his cheek.

He’s quite adept at playing the victim at her expense, a source close to Sophie tells In Touch. “She’s furious that she’s being painted by people close to him as this hard-partying booze hound, which she says is totally exaggerated,” says the source. “At the same time, he’s out there working to maintain his good-guy image, acting like Dad of the Year.” It was certainly convenient, the source points out, that he was spotted on daddy duty with their two daughters on September 6, the day after he filed for divorce after four years of marriage. Meanwhile, stories circulated about how he’s been the primary caretaker — despite the fact that he’s on tour — while she works on her new TV show in the U.K. “No, Joe doesn’t deserve a gold star for looking after the kids while Sophie works,” pointed out a Buzzfeed headline, while one critic wrote in Vogue, “Team Jonas is throwing a careless-mother narrative at proceedings and seeing if it sticks. The misogyny is so ridiculously stark.”

Sophie especially resents the attacks on her parenting, “because he wasn’t supportive of her when she was struggling after their second baby was born last year,” says the source, noting that Joe reportedly pressured Sophie to attend events when she wasn’t ready.

Adding insult to injury? Reports that the “final straw” came when Joe, 34, saw his wife, 27, do or say something on their home security system. “It’s appalling that he was spying on her!” says the source. “But then he claims he wants to keep things friendly.” That’s going to be tough. “He can’t expect to steamroller her like this — she’s going to eventually tell her side of the story,” says the source. “The divorce is getting nasty.”

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