She got it from her mama! Angelica from sMothered surprised her mother, Sunhe, and revealed she is engaged and pregnant with baby No. 1 on the series finale of the hit TLC show on Sunday, July 26. After the show stopped filming, Angelica welcomed her first child with fiancé Jason. She gave birth to a baby girl named Amara on June 10.

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The mother-daughter duo is extremely close

Not only do Angelica and Sunhe still live together, but they often sleep in the same bed and even share the same bathwater. Sunhe is also welcomed on her daughter’s dates with her fiancé.

Sunhe recently gushed about her daughter for her birthday. “I asked for a best friend and God sent me YOU, 33 years ago today. I never knew my life would be so enriched and blessed because of YOU,” the proud mother wrote on Instagram in June. “You are the calm after the storm, you are the sunshine that nourishes my soul. You are the joy of my heart in every moment we share. You are the very essence of my life, that silver shadow, the special star that continues to shine with your name written in it. Love you to the moon and back, my beautiful sweet angel.”

Courtesy of TLC

Her Mom Is Very Much Involved in Her Relationship

Angelica and Jason have been an item for years although he was technically still married to his estranged wife. While Jason proposed to Angelica during the season 1 finale, Sunhe made him take back his offer because he was still legally wed. At the beginning of season 2, Sunhe and Angelica oversaw Jason’s divorce proceedings with his ex. Jason made his divorce official in September 2019. With the paperwork now official, the pair had the green light from Sunhe to go ahead with their engagement.

 She Has Since Had the Baby

Months after filming the season finale, Angelica welcomed a little girl, Amara, on June 10. “It was actually my mom who named Amara,” the new mom told the New York Post on Monday, July 27. “I know she wanted to have an A for me — Angelica — and a J for [the baby’s father] Jason. We were just going through names and she liked Amara. We didn’t want something that was too common or too unique so it would be too weird. It means eternal or shooting star in Arabic.”

Following the birth of her daughter, Angelica says she and her mom are even closer. “When the baby starts crying in the night, [Sunhe is with her] before I even get out of bed. By the time I’m in the room trying to nurse her or change her diaper, my mom is already there,” Angelica told the outlet. “My mom has been such a tremendous help during this whole process. I couldn’t even picture what it would be like now without my mom’s help. I feel like it has brought us closer, if that was even possible, just seeing how she loves my baby so much.”

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