Bringing their A-game! Some of the best skiers and snowboarders from around the globe are showcasing their skills in Copper Mountain, Colorado, from February 6 through 9 for the Winter Dew Tour by Mountain Dew. As the competition heats up, several of the participants are sharing their favorite highlights from this year’s event with In Touch.

Snowboarder Julia Marino got a kick out of a cute interaction she saw. “There was a dog … that thought the yeti [costume] guy was also a dog and was playing with him and that was like the funniest thing I’ve seen,” she shared.

Evan McEachran said he thought the rail section in the slopestyle course was an incredible addition. “There’s honestly probably hundreds of options. It’s like a little skate park up there,” the Olympic athlete dished.

So, what did Jake Pates enjoy the most? The snowboarder said it was great seeing some old friends and “getting back with the crew.” Freestyle skier Nick Goepper revealed the greatest thing he’s witnessed is the “hospitality” from the individuals at Copper Mountain, noting how it’s really made the experience that much better.

Skiiers and Snowboarders Highlights From Dew Tour
Dew Tour

Snowboarder Louie Vito said he’s seen “some great runs in general” and it’s inspired him to keep working harder. “I’ve had a lot of good moments at Dew Tour as well,” he told In Touch. Taylor Gold admitted that he likes “the modified pipe setup” and Anna Gasser couldn’t have agreed anymore. Last but not least, Cassie Sharpe had a glowing review for this year’s course.

“It’s different, it’s modified. It makes us think and it’s a lot of fun,” the Canadian skier stated.

Fans knew it was going to be epic this time around, especially after reading what the event entailed. It features “individual modified superpipe, slopestyle, para snowboard and Streetstyle competitions, Dew Tour’s signature Team Challenge competition, industry award shows, live music and a calendar of fan-based activities,” according to the festival’s press release.

The 2020 Dew Tour also made sure to be more inclusive. “We are immensely proud to elevate our event to the next level this year with the addition of four new disciplines for these extremely talented women and have no doubt that they will put on an exciting show for the fans as they have always done,” Courtney Gresik, the Vice President and General Manager, shared.

In case you can’t score a ticket, the entire four-day event will be live-streamed on, Facebook Live and YouTube. NBC will also be putting on a 90-minute Women of Dew Tour show on February 15 at 2:30 p.m. ET.

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