Sister Wives star Kody Brown revealed his belief that public hate for Robyn Brown should be directed at him instead.

The Brown family patriarch, 54, shared his support for Robyn, 45, during part 3 of the Sister Wives: One on One special, which aired on Sunday, December 10. His stance may come as no surprise to fans of the series, as viewers have long believed Robyn to be Kody’s “favorite” wife.

Tension between Robyn and her former sister wife Meri grew during the episode after Meri, 52, pointed out that Kody had made a special covenant for Robyn.

Kody said he and Robyn agreed they would not be married if they did not love each other, and told his other wives at the time that if they would like to leave the relationship, they were free to go. He admitted that while he and Meri did not go “deep into” the agreement because he feared she would react “in a crazy way,” it did not include the “dissolution of [his] soul or personality.”

Despite her commitment to her husband, Meri said she felt Kody had “left her behind emotionally” 10 years before she officially left the plural marriage in January.

Although Kody has denied having a favorite wife, he has previously admitted to “finding favor” in Robyn.

During part 3 of last season’s One on One, which aired on January 8, Kody claimed that his ex-wives Christine Brown, Janelle Brown and Meri Brown displayed “character issues” in their treatment of him and Robyn over the years.

“And it’s not just about my character, it’s about their character. And who wants to run deep here,” the patriarch said. “Do you want to find favor by being loyal to me and never allowing someone to trash talk me? Or do you want to sit here and be the one who is trash talking me?”

Kody also claimed at the time that Meri, Janelle, 54, and Christine, 51, “s—t talked” him “from the beginning,” adding that Robyn puts up her “dukes if [they] s—t talk” him.

When asked during part 1 of last year’s One on One — which aired in December 2022 — who she believes is Kody’s “favorite” wife, Meri replied, “Robyn is the one that he is most comfortable with. I have seen Kody be more comfortable with different ones of us throughout the years. It’s not always exactly, exactly equal. It really just is based on who you have a good relationship with.”

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