The Sister Wives Tell-All ​part 3 featured some particularly tense moments, including Kody Brown throwing an insult at his ex-wife Christine Brown.

Christine, 51, made a statement about how she felt that Robyn Brown didn’t really want to live the plural lifestyle, and Kody, 54, took major offense to Christine’s words.

“I don’t think Christine knows Robyn at all,” the dad of 18 snapped. “She was a s–t sister wife. She’ll probably, and I hope, be a very good wife for David [Woolley].”

Kody also added that he’ll “believe Christine is in love when she doesn’t have anything bad to say about Robyn or about me to our children.”

Despite Kody also labeling Christine as a “mean girl” after she laughed at him during his bout with COVID-19, the mom of six quipped that she “always loved the Disney villains more than the princesses.”

Christine, Kody and Robyn, 45, have been at odds for some time and during the Sister Wives Tell-All ​part 2, which aired December 10, she admitted that’s “not willing to fix” her relationship with Kody and Robyn yet.

Christine Brown talks to the cameras in an episode of Sister Wives.

“There’s still so much blown out of proportion, comments that are being made that are so outlandish,” Christine said. “I am not interested in fixing anything right now. With the kids? Yes. But with Kody and Robyn? No, not yet. No.”

She continued, “I don’t trust them right now. And I realize that takes communication, but that takes a desire and that takes something you want to do. I don’t want to right now, just to be honest and just to be real.”

Robyn and Kody aren’t the only ones Christine has butted heads with during the Tell-Alls. Meri Brown previously slammed Christine for sharing a story regarding what Kody did with Meri’s wedding ring.

Christine told host Sukanya Krishnan that Kody “melted down the ring, saved the gold, saved the diamonds.”

Meri, 52, hadn’t shared that story with anyone and felt that Christine shouldn’t have been the one to reveal what happened to her ring.

“I am extremely frustrated right now. Beyond,” Meri told the cameras. “After we did the taping for the one-on-one interviews with Suki, I found out that a story was brought up about me that is not a story that I have ever shared publicly.”

The mom of one continued, “That is my story to tell when, where and how I want to. And somebody else took it upon themselves to tell that story. And now I’m being forced to talk about it. I’m not happy about it. It was not Christine’s business to tell. If I wanted to have shared that story in the last 13 years in a public way, I would have done that.”

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