Regretful? Sister Wives star Kody Brown admitted he is “questioning” polygamy following his split from Christine Brown

[Christine] told me once she hated plural marriage,” the family patriarch, 53, told show host Sukanya Krishnan in a sneak peek clip of the upcoming Sunday, February 20, season 16 reunion episode, obtained by People. “[She said] ’I hate this life style.’ She’s living two lives. She’s promoting, talking about how she loves plural marriage and all this stuff. And how, ‘I didn’t want the husband, I wanted the Sister Wives, I wanted this family.’ And all these things, at the same time she’s telling me she hates plural marriage.”

Sukanya, 50, also asked Kody whether he is doubtful of his own plural marriage, to which he responded, “Oh, hell yes. I question it all the time.” 

“When you really start getting honest, you start looking up to the heavens and going, ‘Geez, Father. You inspired me to do this. Why is it such a mess now?'” the Wyoming native added. 

Sister Wives Kody Brown Considering Starting Fresh With New Wives

Kody then confessed that Christine’s departure “really has sent me on my heels and had me questioning the [plural marriage] lifestyle itself.”

“The mistake I made was not saying ‘I am so sorry, I love you and I validate what you’re saying,’” he said. “I do validate her. Instead, it made me angry as hell.” 

Kody began his polygamous journey when he spiritually and legally married first wife Meri Brown in 1990. He then spiritually wed second wife Janelle Brown in 1993, third wife Christine, 49, in 1994 and fourth wife Robyn Brown spiritually in 2010. In 2014, Kody and Meri, 51, divorced so that he could legally marry Robyn to adopt her three children from a previous marriage. Kody remains spiritually married to Meri and Janelle after Christine left him in November 2021. 

In the same sneak peek, Robyn, 43, expressed her qualms about what Kody will do next if he doesn’t want plural marriage. 

“That’s three of us or all of us that he moves on from, and we’ve seen that in our culture,” the Utah native said. “We have seen that where a man decides he’s done living plural marriage and he leaves all of his wives or leaves all but one, and he goes and starts a new life. He’s tired of it.”

In a separate clip of the upcoming February 20 episode, Christine claimed she and Kody have officially, spiritually divorced. 

“Kody and I are divorced,” Christine revealed in the video, obtained by Us Weekly. “We’re completely separate. We’re just gonna be friends, eventually. I just realized I had to make a decision for my heart, and my heart was done being broken. And it felt, well, freeing.”

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