In her first interview since suffering the devastating tragedy of losing her baby at 20 weeks pregnant, Shayne Lamas opens up exclusively to In Touch about the nightmare that took her son away— and almost took her life, too.

“My son had to be removed to save my life,” Shayne tells In Touch, whose “healthy” 20-week-old son was growing outside of her uterus, attached to her bladder. After her placenta was punctured by the baby, an emergency hysterectomy removed him, Shayne’s uterus and half her bladder. “The doctors hadn’t seen anything like it.”

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Recalling the moment doctors told her the news, Shayne tells In Touch: "I screamed from the top of my lungs. You never think something like this will happen to you. I felt like someone hit me again and again and again.”

As Shayne fought for her life in an induced coma, her husband Nik was left frightened and grieving alone. “The doctors told me, ‘The baby is killing her. We have to remove the fetus or Shayne is going to die,’” recounts her husband, founder Nik Richie, 35. “It wasn’t a miscarriage. It was them having to kill our child to save my wife.”


“She died on the table and they brought her back. The doctors said it was an absolute miracle,” says Nik. “There were two minutes where she lost oxygen to her brain. They said she could have brain damage. It was a nightmare.”

Now recuperating at her Orange County, Calif., home, Shayne is haunted by thoughts of her baby. One hopeful note in an otherwise unthinkable tragedy: Doctors were able to save Shayne’s ovaries despite the hysterectomy to remove her uterus. “I’ll be able to give my eggs to a surrogate,” she says. “I absolutely will have more kids."

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