Even though we’re sheltering in place at the moment, we’re still ‘presenting’ ourselves to the outside world. Whether it’s a grocery store run, a zoom happy hour with your crew or a on-camera work meeting, finding the time to put your best face forward, albeit mostly a virtual one, is still as important as the days when we had more in-person meetups.

While we all wait for our favorite salons and brow artists to open back up for business, we can keep those arches in tip-top shape just like @RoseandBen. All it takes is the right tools and a little know-how.

Japonesque Mirror

According to the experts at Japonesque when we’re grooming at home, the focus should be grooming not reinventing. Save the complete makeover for the pros.

Oh, and skip the wax and thread. While they may be the choice of professionals, they’re not the best option for DIY brow shaping at-home. Instead, invest in a great pair of tweezers and brow scissor – like the ones found in the Japonesque Brow Perfecting Kit. And there’s a spoolie too! If you want to look extra groomed add a touch-up facial razor and you’re ready to shape up those brows!

Japonesque Kit

Finally you can’t exactly unpluck your brows – so when it comes to plucking, remember ‘less is more”.


To help you shape your brows at home, follow these simple steps.


Step 1:  Start by finding the beginning, end, and arch of your eyebrow. Using an eye pencil, find the starting point by holding the pencil straight up vertically, lining up the dimple in your nose to the brow. Mark that spot. Next find your arch by shifting the pencil to the highest part of your brow. Mark that spot. Finally find the end of your brow by shifting the pencil to the very corner of your eye and marketing the spot where the pencil touches the brow. Outline the desired shape of your brow by connecting these three points with the eye pencil. This helps mark what hair you want to remove.

Japonesque Eye

Step 2:  Use the spoolie from the Luxe Brow Kit to brush brows upwards. Trim the length of any extra-long or scraggly hairs. Trim one hair at a time to avoid cutting too much or going too short.

Japonesque Brow Kit

Step 3:  Remove any hairs that grow outside the lines. Pluck brows using a slant Tweezer to remove larger hairs – making sure to pluck in the direction the hair grows.

Japonesque Slant tweezers

Step 4:  Next use a Point or Slant/Point tweezer like the one found in JAPONESQUE’S Power Duo Tweezers to pluck fine, baby hairs to get a sharp, precise look. It’s all in the details so take your time – a magnifying mirror can help get every last hair.

Japonesque Black Tweezer

Step 5:  If you have peach fuzz above your brows line, the JAPONESQUE Touch Up Razor is an ideal tool. Gently glide the razor down toward the brow with a light touch. And take it slow, removing a little at a time until your brows are sharp and clean.

Japonesque Touch Up Razor

Step 6:  Finally, use a brow pencil to fill in any sparse areas and a touch of brow gel to hold everything in place.

Eye Brow


Prefer to watch an expert before you start grooming? Check out this brow tutorial by Rose Siad @RoseandBen



To get the tools needed to shape your brows like the pros, head over to Target.com and search for these items:

  • Brow Perfecting Kit
  • Power Duo Tweezer
  • Pro Performance Touch Up Razor

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