Nothing brings more joy than a new baby, just ask Rumer Willis. The actress, 35, spoke to reporters at the Beverly Hills Film Festival’s opening night in LA on May 1 about motherhood, milestones and watching mom Demi Moore and dad Bruce Willis become grandparents to her 12-month-old daughter, Louetta, whom she shares with boyfriend Derek Richard Thomas.

What’s Been the Most Rewarding Thing About Motherhood?

Oh, man. Honestly, everything’s rewarding. I’m very lucky. I feel very blessed. She’s so happy and wonderful and smiley.

What Kind of Milestones Has She Hit So Far?

She’s got four teeth. She eats like a champ. [She] wants to try everything, is not picky. She’s almost walking, which is wild.

What was it like seeing your mom as a grandma?

I think there’s just such sweetness. When I FaceTime my family, when [Louetta] hears the little ring, she’ll try and grab the phone and see who’s on it, and her face lights up in this huge megawatt smile.

How Is Your Dad Doing [After Being Diagnosed With Dementia]?

Good, really good. If [sharing our story] can have an effect and bring any sort of hope, comfort to someone else who’s experiencing that, then to me, that’s everything.

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