Royal author Angela Levin wasted no time storming out of a televised debate about Meghan Markle after a panelist called her out for “troll” behavior.

Angela, known for her 2018 book Harry: A Biography of a Prince, appeared on TalkTV on Monday, April 22, to discuss Meghan, 42, and her new lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard. Angela and fellow debate participant J.J. Anisiobi spoke about the celebrity friends Meghan sent ARO gifts to, but things quickly devolved from there.

The royal author – a known vocal critic of Meghan and Prince Harry – cast the Duchess of Sussex as an overbearing wife who dragged Harry, 39, to engagements he didn’t want to attend. In a shocking turn of events, J.J. defended the couple.

“It sounds like you’ve got a vendetta against Meghan Markle,” J.J. said to Angela, adding, “Angela, with respect, you sound like a troll, you sound like a social-media troll. Everything you can point out that’s incorrect …”

Before he could continue, Angela shot back, “That’s very rude; you don’t call someone a troll with respect. That’s without respect.”

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The author then shifted her attention to Meghan’s friend and former Suits costar Abigail Spencer, who received one of the ARO PR packages and posted about its contents – namely a jar of small batch jam – on social media.

“Let me talk about something else: Abigail Spencer who is also a friend of Meghan’s, she has given the sixth jar of jam, right? And we see her lying on the grass, hugging it with a dog close by,” Angela critiqued. “It was a very sort of set-up thing; that’s one when she’s sitting up. I thought how ridiculous; this is a jar of jam. Why are we getting hysterical about a jar of jam?”

J.J. proved he was taking none of Angela’s unfounded judgments, shooting back, “Who’s hysterical about it? It’s PR; she’s trying to sell something this is called advertising?” Angela countered that she knew “what PR is,” but J.J. kept his train of thought going. “With respect, you clearly don’t. You’re saying it’s so set-up? It’s a PR stunt.”

Angela appeared to be at the end of her line and said to her debate counterpart, “You’re here to fight me, so why don’t you say goodbye? Thank you so much. You’re very rude. I don’t really listen. Goodbye.”

Before J.J. could fully counter her remarks, Angela hung up.

“Oh, and she’s gone,” J.J. said as Angela’s video line went dead. “You see, this is what happens. When you challenge people, when you go to them and you say to them, here’s some facts, here’s some truths, some people don’t like it. If people can’t answer the truths, what do they do? They hang up.”

The moment was met with a number of telling social media comments, with royal author Omid Scobie writing on X, “”LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Sorry but the royal beat is so unserious.” Proclaimed member of the “Sussex Squad” Kandice Dean wrote, “Gives me Piers Morgan vibes,” referring to when the famed British personality walked off the set of Good Morning Britain after being called out for his own bullying remarks about the Sussexes.

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