If it’s a gift horse, leave its mouth alone. That should have been the approach that Roseanne Barr took when her classic sitcom Roseanne successfully managed to return to television after an 11-year hiatus. After all, right out of the gate the proof of why the show worked in the first place was there, doing away with everything that derailed its final year (including the off-camera death of John Goodman’s Dan Conner). It effortlessly continued the financial struggle of Roseanne and Dan, and the challenges facing their family on a daily basis of not only getting by, but somehow managing to survive an economy that was crushing them and millions of others. It was that rarity of things: the recapturing of lightning in a bottle. But then came the tweets

What did Roseanne tweet?

Always outspoken, Roseanne took to her Twitter account and used it to espouse her views of the world, the people living in it, and politics. Much of it has occasionally been agreed with or completely ignored, but on Tuesday, May 29, 2018 — perhaps feeling empowered by her renewed success — she issued one that could be neither. “Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.” Her target was former President Obama adviser Valerie Jarett, an African American woman, and the fallout was justifiably immediate, with Roseanne being universally condemned and ABC announcing that the Roseanne revival had been cancelled. So much for gift horses.This, of course, was far from the only controversial moment in Roseanne’s life, and what follows is a look at moments from over the years that turned the media, and oftentimes the public, against her.

The Roseanne TV Show

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Nobody can take credit away from the Roseanne TV series for breaking new ground and forcing the television medium to deal with things it had never really dealt with before, and for that she deserves a tremendous amount of credit. What went on behind the scenes, however, was just insane. For her, things went south from the start when she saw the credits for the first episode and the fact that Matt Williams — following a Writers Guild decison — was named “creator” of the show. She was ourtaged, believing that the set up and much of the comedy came from her famous “Domestic Goddess” routine. During that first season, she pushed for more power and refused to do the things she disagreed with. In the end, ABC had to choose between their star and the writer/producer, and their choice was obvious. For the entirety of the show’s original nine season run, Roseanne was in charge, including the disastrous ninth season in which the Conners won the lottery and it changed everything about them, their lives, and the show itself. Bottom line: it simply stopped being funny (probably the worst thing that a sitcom could do). The show originally ran from 1988-1997, and through most of it, Roseanne ran things with an iron fist with a huge turnover in writers.

“Singing” the National Anthem

Riding high on the success of the show, and enjoying her wild life with then-husband Tom Arnold, Roseanne accepted the invitation to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the July 25, 1990 baseball game between the San Diego Padres and Cincinnati Reds at Jack Murphy Stadium. OK, “sing” may be too generous a description, as she purposely screeched her way through it, going for what she thought would be big laughs (it wasn’t), and ending her rendition with a grab of her crotch and spitting. Nobody was amused, and it was something she took a lot of heat for.

Charges Against Her Parents

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Oftentimes making claims against her parents and their alleged abuse of her (some of the discussion of which actually made its way into episodes of Roseanne), in 1991, Roseanne made serious headlines for claiming that they had incestuously sexually abused her. It was a charge that she leveled in front of the congregation of a church, and while her parents always said these claims were false, it wasn’t until 2011 that she admitted that making up those charges was something she truly regretted. Naturally, the damage was already done.

Roseanne as Hitler

Roseanne has made no secret of the fact that she has struggled with her Jewish heritage, alternating between being extremely supportive of the Jewish community one moment, and speaking out against it the next. But in 2009, a reported attempt at humor and parody backfired big time. Doing a photo shoot for the magazine Jewish Heeb, she was dressed as Hitler and was baking what she described as “little Jew cookies.” Uh, no.

Attacking Marie Osmond’s Late Son

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In 2010, Marie Osmond’s son Michael Blosil died from suicide as a result of the severe depression he was suffering from. Roseanne proclaimed that it had nothing to do with depression; that, instead, it was because he was gay and this went against the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, so he saw no other way out. Eventually, she was made to realize that he was not gay, and while she apologized for that, she stood by her criticisms of the church.

Someone Needs Her Twitter Account Disabled

The man at the top (use your imagination to figure out who we’re talking about) is far from the only one who uses Twitter to espouse their views, oftentimes embracing conspiracy theories and railing out against anyone or anything that irritates them. Roseanne joined Twitter in 2011 and has been a regular presence there ever since. When the recent controversy broke out, she claimed ahe was leaving Twitter. Which she did. For about 15 minutes, before she was back.

The Shooting of Trayvon Martin

When George Zimmerman shot and killed African American teen Trayvon Martin in Florida in 2012, there was outrage virtually everywhere, but Roseanne was the only person to use her public forums to give the public the address and phone number of Zimmerman’s parents, which forced them to go into hiding for a number of years. The Zimmermans attempted to sue Roseanne, but the case was dismissed as the information was always available to the public if anyone looked for it. It was his parents’ belief that she was attempting to trigger a lynch mob to provide Martin justice against Zimmerman.

Parkland Shooting Controversy

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In the aftermath of the Majory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, Roseanne tweeted back in March that survivor David Hogg was actually seen giving a Nazi salute on the March 24th March of Our Lives Rally (a student-led rally supporting improvement of gun control laws). This was a complete falsehood and the tweet was later deleted. But like other people, you’re left wondering: where does she get this stuff?

Valerie Jarrett Controversy

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Well, this one is not only a controversy but so blatantly outrageous in the sense that Roseanne tweeted something so off-center about Valerie Jarrett that many believe the response she’s gotten is exactly what it needed to be. Right down to ABC almost immediately announcing that the revival of Roseanne, one of the biggest hits in years, had been canceled.What controversies involving Roseanne will follow is anybody’s guess at this point, but it’s hard to imagine one that would be much bigger than those she’s already been embroiled in.

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