Real Housewives of Orange County star Jennifer Pedranti slammed Tamra Judge for “airing out all my s–t” as the longtime Bravo star questioned Jennifer’s relationship with Ryan Boyajian.

During the Wednesday, July 19, episode, Jenn, 46, continued to grapple with Tamra’s past allegations that Ryan, 46, once set out to “f–k her.”

While out to dinner with the entire cast, Tamra, 55, brought up her previous claim that Ryan allegedly sent a “d–k pic” to their mutual friend Heather Amin. Emily Simpson then asked Jenn if there were “red flags” she was overlooking “because you want it to all work out?”

While Jenn began to share her thoughts on what would happen “if Ryan were to f–k up,” Tamra interrupted by stating, “Hasn’t he already f–ked up?”

“I worry for you, a thousand percent,” Tamra told Jenn, adding that she doesn’t believe Ryan will be loyal to her longterm. “I don’t and that’s what hurts, Jenn.”

Jenn made it clear she didn’t appreciate Tamra’s concern and complained that she was sharing personal information with “these new friends of mine,” which she said “f–king hurts.”

However, Tamra – who has been friends with Jenn for years and has run in similar circles as Ryan – stood by her claims and argued that her past with Ryan was enough to be concerned. “We come from a small town that knows he’s a f–king whore,” the longtime reality star said.

She then claimed that Ryan previously pointed her out in fitness class and announced that he would “f–k her.” As Jenn attempted to change the topic, Tamra continued to share anecdotes by recalling that she once attended a party where one of Ryan’s friends warned her husband, Eddie Judge, to keep her close because he liked to “go after married women.”

Jenn warned Tamra to “watch it,” which led the “Two Ts in a Pod” podcast host to throw a towel at her friend’s face as she got up from the table. “You should leave your boyfriend, you f–king bitch!” Tamra yelled as she left the restaurant.

Following the heated fight, Jenn clarified Ryan’s past comments about Tamra’s appearance and claimed Tamra has referred to Ryan as the “hot gym guy” in the past.

RHOC's Jenn Pedranti Slams Tamra Judge for 'Airing All My S–t Out' as Ryan's Loyalty Is Questioned
Courtesy of Jennifer Pedranti/Instagram

“She jokes and says, ‘Should I go up to his bedroom and take one for the team?’ It was funny, does that mean she doesn’t love Eddie? No,” Jenn recalled in a confessional, detailing Tamra’s comments about Ryan when they attended a barbecue at his house. “Now, two-three years later, you’re uncomfortable? It doesn’t even make sense, you don’t get to do that. It’s not fair.”

It seems that Jenn didn’t listen to Tamra’s concerns and is still dating Ryan. The pair recently appeared in a video shared via Instagram on July 5, where Ryan admitted to accidentally sending a d–k picture to Heather and his two children that was intended for Jenn. However, Jenn said she wasn’t bothered by it and understood it was a mistake.

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